Chapter 1.16


1.16.010    Enforcement authority.

1.16.020    Citation procedures.

1.16.030    Right of entry for inspection or enforcement.

1.16.010 Enforcement authority.

A. Under Penal Code Section 836.5, each officer and employee of the city is authorized to arrest a person for the violation of a code provision which it is his duty to enforce. A code enforcement officer has the authority to enforce all provisions of this code.

B. A code enforcement officer who has completed training under Penal Code Section 832 is vested with general law enforcement duties, and is a peace officer under Penal Code Sections 830.6 (a)(2) and 832.6. [Ord. 935 § 5, 1987.]

1.16.020 Citation procedures.

When issuing a citation or making an arrest for a violation of this code, a city officer or employee shall follow the procedures set forth in Penal Code Sections 853.5 through 853.8. [Ord. 935 § 5, 1987.]

1.16.030 Right of entry for inspection or enforcement.

A. Whenever necessary to make an inspection of or enter private property to enforce any ordinance or resolution, any authorized city officer or employee may, upon presentation of proper credentials and with consent of the owner or occupant, enter the building or premises at a reasonable time for the purpose of inspection.

B. If the owner or occupant refuses entry after such a request has been made, entry may be made only upon issuance of a warrant by a duly authorized magistrate. [Ord. 1018 § 1, 1991; Ord. 935 § 5, 1987.]