Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Duties generally.

2.16.020    Keeping records of surveys.

2.16.030    City surveyor.

2.16.010 Duties generally.

It shall be the duty of the city engineer to give the corners, lines or survey of lots and proper grade of sidewalks in front of all buildings, blocks or lots with plot or certificate of same, when applied to for that purpose. For such service the party requiring such work done shall pay all lawful charges for same. When required by the city council or any city contractor for work in the city, he shall furnish the lines, grades and measurements and calculations for any street or other city work. It shall also be his duty when ordered by the city council to place monuments as initial points for the purpose of measurements or grades, and at such places as the city council may direct, and do and perform such other duties as pertain to the office. [1937 Code § 12.]

2.16.020 Keeping records of surveys.

The city engineer shall keep a record of all surveys and measurements made under the provisions of this chapter in a book or books to be kept for that purpose. All records of surveys and all calculation books pertaining to street or other city work, with all maps, plans and profiles in which the city can in any manner be interested, shall be and remain the property of the city, and shall be kept in a secure place open to public inspection. And all such books, plans, maps and profiles shall be carefully preserved by the city engineer and transmitted to his successor in office. [1937 Code § 13.]

2.16.030 City surveyor.

The city engineer may, from time to time, appoint or designate a city surveyor. The city engineer, in his or her discretion, may either (1) perform the duties of city surveyor; (2) designate a qualified surveyor from the city staff; or (3) contract with an outside individual or firm qualified to perform the function of the city surveyor. [Ord. 1149 § 2, 1998.]


For statutory provisions regarding the appointment of, inter alia, a city civil engineer, see Government Code § 36505.