Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Establishment.

2.40.020    Membership.

2.40.030    Meetings.

2.40.035    Compensation and reimbursement for expenses.

2.40.040    Authority and responsibilities.

2.40.050    Map making duties.

2.40.060    Planning functions.

2.40.010 Establishment.

A city planning commission is established. [1937 Code § 28.]

2.40.020 Membership.

The city planning commission shall consist of seven voting members and three ex officio members, as follows:

A. The voting members of the city planning commission shall be appointed by the city council and shall be residents of the city;

B. No city officer, official, employee or member of the city council shall be appointed as a voting member of the planning commission;

C. The city planner, city attorney and city engineer shall be ex officio members of the planning commission and shall serve as members thereof during their official tenure;

D. A planning commissioner shall serve no more than four consecutive, two-year terms in office. If a commissioner has completed four consecutive terms, then the commissioner is not eligible for reappointment to the planning commission until one year has passed; however, if a commissioner has served six years or less at the time their current term expires, then they are eligible for reappointment;

E. Notwithstanding the term limits contained herein, if a commissioner’s term has expired or is expiring and there is an insufficient number of applicants to fill all vacant seats on the commission, the city council shall be entitled, in its discretion, to reappoint one or more commissioners who would otherwise be ineligible to reapply under subsection (D) of this section. Nothing in this section shall require a commissioner to accept reappointment. [Ord. 18-1459 § 3, 2018; Ord. 15-1398 § 3, 2015; Ord. 04-1218 § 3, 2004; Ord. 1182 § 2, 2001; Ord. 1173 § 2, 2000; Ord. 800 § 2, 1981; 1937 Code § 29.]

2.40.030 Meetings.

The planning commission shall hold at least one regular meeting in each month and shall adopt bylaws and policies for the transaction of business consistent with the standards and requirements adopted by the city council by resolution. There shall be a chairperson and vice-chairperson, which positions shall be filled pursuant to the bylaws. The chairperson and vice-chairperson shall serve for a term of one year. A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of four voting members. [Ord. 19-1463 § 3(A)(I), 2019; Ord. 18-1459 § 3, 2018; Ord. 04-1218 § 4, 2004; 1937 Code § 30.]

2.40.035 Compensation and reimbursement for expenses.

A. A member of the planning commission does not receive compensation for the performance of the member’s duties, but is entitled to reimbursement for the actual and necessary expenses incurred by the member in the performance of the member’s official duties for the city.

B. The city manager shall submit to the city council for its approval the classes and types of expenses which may be eligible for reimbursement. An item not on the approved list must be approved before the expenditure is made to be eligible for reimbursement. Each item of reimbursement is subject to the city manager’s approval.

C. For reimbursement, the member must submit evidence of the expenditure within 45 days of the date the expense occurred. [Ord. 15-1398 § 3, 2015; Ord. 945 § 1, 1988; Ord. 934 § 1, 1987.]

2.40.040 Authority and responsibilities.

The city planning commission shall have authority, except as otherwise provided by law, to:

A. Recommend to the proper officers of the municipality plans for the regulation of the future growth, development and beautification of the municipality in respect to its public and private buildings and works, streets, parks, grounds and vacant lots;

B. Recommend to the proper officers of the municipality plans consistent with the future growth and development of the municipality in order to secure to the city and its inhabitants sanitation, proper service of all public utilities, harbor, shipping and transportation facilities;

C. Make recommendations to any public authorities or any corporation or individuals of such city with reference to the location of any proposed building;

D. Approve, disapprove, or recommend to the proper officers of the municipality the approval or disapproval of maps or plats of subdivisions of lands. Every such map or plat shall, prior to its final approval or disapproval by the proper officers of the municipality, be submitted to the commission for its review or recommendation thereon to such officers;

E. Carry out all functions necessary for the preservation, enhancement, and use of structures and districts of historic, architectural, and engineering significance located within the city as defined within Chapter 15.84 PMC. [Ord. 15-1398 § 3, 2015; Ord. 04-1218 § 5, 2004; 1937 Code § 31.]

2.40.050 Map making duties.

The city planning commission shall make or cause to be made, at the direction of the city council, a map or maps of the city or any portion thereof, including adjacent territory lying outside of the corporate boundaries thereof, showing the streets, highways and other natural or artificial features therein; also the locations or relocations proposed for any new public building, civic center, street, parkway, boulevard, park, playground or other public ground or improvement; also any proposed widening, extension, closing or relocation of any street or highway, or any change in the plan of the city that it may deem advisable. The commission may, at its discretion, prepare such maps or plans as aforesaid for the purpose of making recommendations in connection therewith to the proper officers of such municipality having charge, superintendence or control of the matters set forth in such recommendations. [1937 Code § 32.]

2.40.060 Planning functions.

The city planning commission shall make suggestions or recommendations to the city council from time to time concerning any of the matters and things aforesaid for action by the city council thereon, having due regard for the present conditions and the future needs and growth of the city, including the distributions and relative location of all public buildings, grounds and open spaces devoted to public use; also the planning and laying out for urban uses of all private grounds brought into the market from time to time, and the division of the city into zones or districts for the purpose of conserving and protecting the public health, comfort and convenience. [1937 Code § 33.]


For statutory provisions regarding the establishment and duties of a city planning agency, see Government Code § 65100 et seq.; for the provisions regarding a city planning commission, see Government Code § 65150.