Chapter 2.76


2.76.010    Sale by auction.

2.76.020    Minimum time of possession.

2.76.030    Notice of sale.

2.76.040    Disposition of funds.

2.76.050    Disposition of unsold property.

2.76.010 Sale by auction.

The chief of police shall, from time to time, hold a public auction at which lost or unclaimed property in the possession of the city may be sold to the highest bidder. [Ord. 750 § 1, 1979.]

2.76.020 Minimum time of possession.

Only those articles or items of lost or unclaimed property of which the city has had possession for a period of not less than three months shall be sold at public auction; provided, however, that no property shall be offered at public auction which, in the determination of the city manager or his duly appointed representative, is needed for public use, in which case it shall be retained by the city as provided for in Civil Code Section 2080. [Ord. 750 § 1, 1979.]

2.76.030 Notice of sale.

The chief of police shall give notice of the holding of such public auction by one publication of a notice thereof, at least five days before the time fixed therefor, in a newspaper of general circulation published in the city. [Ord. 750 § 1, 1979.]

2.76.040 Disposition of funds.

All funds realized at such public auction shall be delivered, with an accounting thereof, to the director of finance, who shall then deposit such funds in the general fund of the city; provided, however, that the chief of police may withhold such costs of auction and costs of retention of said property. [Ord. 750 § 1, 1979.]

2.76.050 Disposition of unsold property.

Any item or article of lost or unclaimed property upon which no bid was made at public auction may be kept or destroyed by the city. [Ord. 750 § 1, 1979.]