Title 9


Division I. Offenses Against the Person

9.08    Sale and Display of Narcotic and Other Paraphernalia

Division II. Offenses Against Public Health and Safety

9.16    Swimming and Wading

9.20    Fireworks

9.24    Alarm Systems

9.25    Social Host Ordinance

9.26    Prohibition of Simulated Gambling Devices

9.27    Camping

Division III. Offenses Against Public Decency

9.28    Public Intoxication and Drinking

9.36    Dances and Dance Halls

Division IV. Offenses Against Public Peace

9.44    Noise

9.52    Solicitors

9.56    Loitering

Division V. Offenses Against Property

9.60    Handbills

9.72    Posting and Destruction of Notices or Advertisements

9.74    Defacing Public Property

Division VI. Offenses By or Against Minors

9.84    Curfew – Loitering

Division VII. Weapons

9.92    Dangerous Weapons

Division VIII. Public Property

9.94    Special Events

9.96    Curfews for the Entire Park Land System

9.98    Repealed

9.99    Repealed


For constitutional grant of power to all cities to make and enforce within their borders all such local police and other regulations as are not in conflict with the general laws, see California Constitution Art. 11 § 7.

Cross reference:

Cardroom licenses, Chapter 5.24 PMC.