Chapter 9.74


9.74.010    Defacing public property prohibited.

9.74.020    Removing public monuments.

9.74.030    Defacing lampposts prohibited.

9.74.040    Defacing street signs prohibited.

9.74.050    Violation a misdemeanor.

9.74.010 Defacing public property prohibited.

No person shall injure or write, stamp, affix, mark or attach an inscription, name, picture or other thing upon any part of a building owned or controlled by the city, or upon a fence surrounding such building. [Ord. 1022 § 1, 1991.]

9.74.020 Removing public monuments.

A. No person shall cover up, destroy or remove a monument within the city which was erected by the city engineer or superintendent of streets.

B. If it is necessary for a person for a lawful purpose to have a monument temporarily removed, the person shall file a written request with the city engineer stating the necessity for the temporary removal. The city engineer may remove the monument temporarily, and shall return it to its original position as soon as the object is attained for which the removal has been made.

C. The cost of the removal, storage and replacement of the monument is the obligation of the person requesting the temporary removal. The city may require a reimbursement agreement from the person making the request. [Ord. 1022 § 1, 1991.]

9.74.030 Defacing lampposts prohibited.

No person shall break, injure or deface any portion of a public lamppost or electrolier or its globe or attachment, or extinguish during the night a public light maintained for public convenience or safety. [Ord. 1022 § 1, 1991.]

9.74.040 Defacing street signs prohibited.

No person shall deface, obliterate, interfere with, destroy or cause the removal of a street guide or sign. [Ord. 1022 § 1, 1991.]

9.74.050 Violation a misdemeanor.

A violation of this chapter is a misdemeanor punishable under the provisions of PMC 1.12.030. [Ord. 1022 § 1, 1991.]