Chapter 10.36


10.36.080    Truck routes.

10.36.120    Bicycle lanes.

10.36.080 Truck routes.

In accordance with PMC 10.32.040 and when signs are erected giving notice thereof, the following streets or portions of streets are declared to be truck traffic routes for the movement of vehicles exceeding a maximum gross weight of three tons:

A. Bailey Road, State Route 4 to southern city limits;

B. Buchanan Road, Railroad Avenue to eastern city limits;

C. California Avenue, State Route 4 “Loveridge Road” freeway ramps to Loveridge Road;

D. East Leland Road, Railroad Avenue to eastern city limits;

E. East Tenth Street, Black Diamond Street to Harbor Street;

F. East Third Street, Harbor Street to eastern terminous;

G. Harbor Street, East Third Street to East Leland Road;

H. Kirker Pass Road, Buchanan Road to southern city limits;

I. Loveridge Road, northern terminous to East Leland Road;

J. North Parkside Drive, Willow Pass Road to Railroad Avenue;

K. Pittsburg-Antioch Highway, Harbor Street to eastern city limits;

L. Railroad Avenue, East Tenth Street to Buchanan Road;

M. West Leland Road, Bailey Road to Railroad Avenue;

N. West Tenth Street, Willow Pass Road to Black Diamond Street; and

O. Willow Pass Road, western city limits to West Tenth Street. [Ord. 05-1238 § 3, 2005; 1937 Code § 527.7.]

10.36.120 Bicycle lanes.

Pursuant to Section 21207 of the Vehicle Code of the state, the city council finds and declares that there is a need for bicycle lanes separated from vehicular lanes upon certain streets in the city. All bicycle lanes shall be designated by painted street markings. [Amended during 2007 recodification; Ord. 651 C.S. § 1, 1972; 1937 Code § 528.]