Chapter 12.04


12.04.010    Street dedications.

12.04.020    Base line.

12.04.030    Monuments.

12.04.010 Street dedications.

All streets, lanes, places, avenues and portions thereof, including extensions in length and width, within the city limits, which have been dedicated by the owners thereof to public use, or which have been opened or offered by the owners for the use of the public, are accepted and declared to be open public streets of the city. [Amended during 2007 recodification; 1937 Code § 355.]

12.04.020 Base line.

The base, or zero, is a horizontal plane passing through the mean sea level; the elevations are referred to an iron post marked 21, placed by the U.S. Geological Survey, at or near the northwest corner of the Black Diamond School lot, adjoining the city, said post being 20.379 feet above the base referred to (that is the mean sea level), and from the post the levels for the following grade lines were run; the dictum line being 20.379 feet below the top of the post marked 21. [1937 Code § 356.]

12.04.030 Monuments.

Two street monuments for the streets lying east of Black Diamond Street in the city are established as follows:

One of the monuments is located at the northeast corner of Black Diamond Street and East Street at an elevation of 13.92 feet, and the other is located at the northeast corner of Railroad Street and East Third Street at an elevation of 15.32 feet.

These monuments consist of iron bars, one inch square and three and one-half feet long, placed in a six-inch hole, and the hole filled with concrete, flush with the top of the iron bar.

The elevation of the monuments is the same as the top of the curb at that point, the top of the curb being seven inches inside lower than the center of the street opposite the monument. Both monuments are on the property line. [1937 Code § 357.]