Chapter 12.40


12.40.010    Adoption of County Ordinance Code Chapter 414-4.

12.40.020    Reference to officials and offices.

12.40.030    Violation – Penalty.

12.40.010 Adoption of County Ordinance Code Chapter 414-4.

Contra Costa County Ordinance Code Chapter 414-4, approved water supply systems, is adopted by reference under the authority of Sections 50020 through 50022.9 of the Government Code of the state. This chapter regulates the construction and use of small and individual water systems and wells. [Ord. 926 § 1, 1987.]

12.40.020 Reference to officials and offices.

In the ordinance code of the county as adopted by reference, the reference is that code to an office, official title or other designation means the corresponding office, title or designation in the governmental structure of the city, or if there is none, the official or titleholder in the city who performs the function or duty referred to. [Ord. 926 § 2, 1987.]

12.40.030 Violation – Penalty.

Any person violating this chapter or regulation issued under this chapter, by failing to submit plans, obtain necessary inspections and approvals, or pay fees, or by commencing or continuing construction or remodeling in violation thereof, shall pay triple the appropriate fee as a penalty and remain subject to other applicable penalties and enforcement procedures authorized by the state law and/or this code. [Ord. 926 § 3, 1987.]