Division I. Water Regulations

Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Waterworks – Supervision.

13.04.020    Service or equipment tampering prohibited.

13.04.030    City exclusive provider.

13.04.040    City liability.

13.04.050    Service shut-off.

13.04.060    Waterworks – Rules and regulations.

13.04.010 Waterworks – Supervision.

A. The finance director shall have authority and responsibility for the daily supervision of the day-to-day operation and management of all city water billings.

B. The public services director shall have authority over and be responsible over the water treatment plant and the distribution system, including water wells and water meter systems.

C. Except as provided in subsection (A) of this section, the city manager shall be responsible for the overall general supervision and operation of the municipal waterworks including but not limited to the billing and collecting of water used by consumers at such rates as are prescribed in this title; maintaining the treatment plants and the distribution system; and performing all necessary related duties. The city manager shall have the authority to organize the waterworks into one or more city departments, or to integrate part or all of the waterworks into other city departments; and to delegate his authority and responsibility to other city employees.

D. The city manager shall prepare and present to the city council such budget, financial and other reports pertaining to the waterworks as the council may from time to time request. [Ord. 1106 § 1, 1996; 1937 Code § 495.1.]

13.04.020 Service or equipment tampering prohibited.

No one except an authorized employee of the city, or a licensed contractor working under the supervision of an authorized employee of the city, shall tap into or make any connection to any water main, nor tamper with nor disturb any water meter, nor turn the water on or off at the water service entrance to any lot or premises. [1937 Code § 495.2.]

13.04.030 City exclusive provider.

A. The city shall be the exclusive provider of treated water within the city limits. It shall be unlawful for any person to provide water to another person whose water has been turned off for nonpayment.

B. This section shall not apply to any of the following: multiple-family, commercial or industrial uses served by a single meter; the commercial distribution and sale of bottled water; or the use of a well upon the property served if the well is in compliance with applicable provisions of this code. [Ord. 1106 § 2, 1996.]

13.04.040 City liability.

The city will not assume any responsibility for water service lines or other water system appurtenances, except those parts of the waterworks located in public streets or easements or on city-owned property, nor for that part of a consumer’s water service beyond the water meter. The city shall not be liable for damage to any building or its contents from any break, leak or damage in the water service line beyond the water meter. [1937 Code § 495.4.]

13.04.050 Service shut-off.

The city reserves the right to shut off the water at any time for the purpose of making repairs, tests or extensions to the system, or for any other purpose, and will not be responsible for damages resulting therefrom, but it shall be the duty of the supervisor in charge of the crew shutting off the water to make reasonable effort to notify all affected consumers in advance of the shut-off, if possible, and to notify them of the reason for the shut-off and the probable length of its duration, if advance notification is impossible. [1937 Code § 495.5.]

13.04.060 Waterworks – Rules and regulations.

The city council reserves the right and power to, and may from time to time, by resolution, adopt rules and regulations for the operation and maintenance of the municipal waterworks, and for the extension of water mains both within and outside the boundaries of the city. [1937 Code § 495.6.]


For statutory provisions pertaining to the municipal operation and/or regulation of the city’s water supply system, see Government Code § 39730 et seq.