Chapter 13.24


13.24.010    Required.

13.24.130    Users outside the city.

13.24.140    Collection.

13.24.150    Vacancies.

13.24.160    Pledge of revenues – Rate increases.

13.24.010 Required.

Every user of water in the city whose property is connected to the sanitary sewer system shall pay a sewer service charge in the amount established by city council resolution. [Ord. 05-1243 § 9, 2005; Ord. 1017, 1991.]

13.24.130 Users outside the city.

The sewer service charge for all users whose property is outside of the city limits shall be established in each instance by a resolution of the city council. [Ord. 1017, 1991.]

13.24.140 Collection.

The sewer service charge provided in this chapter shall be added to the water bills of the city and shall be collected in the same manner at the same time and under the same conditions as the water bills. The sewer service charge shall be billed in arrears for the period ending on the day the water meter was read. [Ord. 1017, 1991.]

13.24.150 Vacancies.

Should there be any vacancies in dwelling units, which vacancies last for 30 consecutive days or longer with water service not being disconnected, the water user may apply to the finance director for the elimination of the sewer service fee charged for the vacant unit for the period of the vacancy. Water bill showing monthly usage of less than three ccf (units) during the months of November to March, along with proof of vacancy as it becomes necessary, must be provided. After investigation the finance director may grant such adjustments for up to three months per 12-month period. A vacancy for 20 days within the billing period shall be deemed a vacancy for one month. Vacancies must be reported at the time the bill is paid. Credit will not be given for vacancies occurring more than 30 days prior to the billing period. Adjustments will be made only when the bill is paid in full. [Ord. 11-1354 § 4, 2011; Ord. 10-1324 § 4, 2010; Ord. 1017, 1991.]

13.24.160 Pledge of revenues – Rate increases.

The city may by resolution, or by contract or other agreement approved by resolution, pledge, assign and grant a security interest in all or any portion of the revenues generated from the sewer service charges imposed hereunder, for the purpose of securing bonds, notes, certificates of participation or other evidences of indebtedness to finance the construction, installation, rehabilitation, improvement repair or replacement of any portion of the city’s sewer system. To the extent required by the terms of any such resolution, contract or other agreement, the city may by resolution increase the sewer service charges beyond the amounts provided for in this chapter. [Ord. 1017, 1991.]


Prior legislation: 1937 Code Sections 303, 303.1 through 303.12, 304, 305.