Chapter 15.44


15.44.010    Number – Placement.

15.44.020    Style of numbers.

15.44.010 Number – Placement.

Every person, firm or corporation owning any building (or the agent thereof) must place or cause to be placed on or over the front door or gate used as entrance to such building or adjacent to such door or gate, so that it may be readily seen from the street, the proper number of the building as hereinafter specified. [1937 Code § 442.]

15.44.020 Style of numbers.

The number plate placed upon any building shall be metal or wood, or the number may be painted on the front of the building, door, post, transom, or other place. The number shall be lighted, either internally or externally, and shall be at least three inches in height so as to be easily seen from the street. [Ord. 757 § 13, 1979.]