Chapter 15.72


15.72.010    Withholding of building permit – Code violations.

15.72.010 Withholding of building permit – Code violations.

The city building official may, in his/her sound discretion, withhold the issuance or reinstatement of a permit under this title for any structure on a parcel of land where there exists, in either the structure or on the land, any violation of law or regulation (including but not limited to violations concerning the following: building, grading, zoning, fire protection, health and safety, sanitation and/or flood control) relating in any way to or affecting in any way the use or the improvements for which the permit is sought. In determining whether a permit shall be withheld, he/she shall also consider whether the existing violation constitutes an unlawful occupancy or hazard to life or property of the occupants or others. He/she may require a correction of the violation before issuing a permit or as a condition of issuance within a stated period of time including any extensions granted for good cause shown. Failure to comply with such conditions is a ground for revocation as provided by law. [Ord. 04-1221 § 7, 2004.]