Chapter 5.15


5.15.010    Disposal of surplus property.

5.15.020    Lost property.

5.15.010 Disposal of surplus property.

This section affects surplus city property, including goods, supplies and equipment. (See also PHMC § 5.15.020, Lost property.)

The finance director is responsible for the disposal of surplus property. A department wishing to dispose of surplus, damaged or inoperative goods, supplies or equipment should contact the finance director. Disposal of fixed assets must be preceded by a fixed asset disposal form in order for the asset to be taken off the books. (“Fixed assets” are tangible personal property where the cost of acquisition is at least $1,500 and the asset has a useful or functional life of at least three years.)

The finance director has the authority to dispose of surplus property by sale, transfer, exchange or donation to other governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations or at auction, or by discarding or destroying the property. Surplus property may not be sold or transferred to city employees other than at auction open to the general public or with approval by the city council. (Ord. 807 § 2, 2005)

5.15.020 Lost property.

The storage and disposition of lost or unclaimed personal property which comes into the possession of the police department or other city department is governed by Civil Code sections 2080.1 through 2080.6. Any proceeds from the sale of such property (after deducting expenses) shall be deposited in the general fund. (Ord. 807 § 2, 2005)