Chapter 18.115


18.115.010    Requirement – Purpose.

18.115.020    Approval authority.

18.115.030    Procedures – Application, notice and hearing, decision, effective date, appeal.

18.115.040    Scope of review.

18.115.050    Conditions of approval.

18.115.060    Lapse and renewal – Changes to plans.

18.115.070    Resubmittal of application.

18.115.010 Requirement – Purpose.

A. Requirement. An architectural review permit is required before issuance of a building permit for each building elevation, landscape plan and site plan relating to the following:

1. Any project other than a single-family residence;

2. A single-family residence at the time of initial construction, but not for remodeling, additions, or accessory structures; however, staff level review of such structures for substantial conformance with the city-wide design guidelines shall occur as part of the building permit plan review and approval process.

No improvement subject to architectural review under this chapter shall be constructed, located, repaired, altered, repainted a different color or maintained except in accordance with a design approved under this chapter. The term improvement as used in this chapter shall be interpreted by the zoning administrator to include but not be limited to the construction, alteration, and repair of all buildings, structures, and facilities permanently affixed to real property and appurtenances thereto.

B. Purpose. The purpose of architectural review is to evaluate the interdependence of property values and aesthetics, and to provide a method to promote sound land use development. More specifically, architectural review is intended to:

1. Ensure excellence of architectural design;

2. Ensure that siting and architectural design of structures, including their materials and colors, are visually harmonious with surrounding development and with the natural landforms and vegetation of the areas in which they are proposed to be located;

3. Ensure that plans for the landscaping of open spaces conform with the requirements of this chapter and that they provide visually pleasing settings for structures on the site and on adjoining and nearby sites, and blend harmoniously with the natural landscape;

4. Prevent excessive and unsightly grading of hillsides, and preserve natural landforms and existing vegetation; and

5. Ensure compliance with city-wide objective design standards;

6. Ensure compliance with city-wide design guidelines. (Ord. 955 § 5, 2022; Ord. 856 § 2 (Exh. A), 2011; Ord. 738 § 1 (Exh. C), 1999; Ord. 710 § 35-32.1, 1996; 1991 code § 35-32.1)

18.115.020 Approval authority.

A. Architectural review commission. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, the architectural review commission has the authority to approve architectural review permits. The architectural review commission is established under PHMC Chapter 3.10.

B. Zoning administrator. The zoning administrator has the authority to approve an architectural review permit for any of the following improvements if the zoning administrator finds that such improvements will not have a significant visual impact.

1. A minor alteration to an existing structure in a PUD, PPD or HPUD development that is consistent with the original approval and has the approval of the homeowners association, if one exists;

2. A minor alteration to an existing structure in the RB, NB, C, PAO or LI district that is consistent with the original approval. Minor alterations include improvements such as repainting, landscape modification, and window replacements;

3. An addition or repair to an existing structure if the exterior is not altered.

The zoning administrator may, in his or her discretion, refer an application directly to the architectural review commission. (Ord. 738 § 1 (Exh. C), 1999; Ord. 710 § 35-32.2, 1996; 1991 code § 35-32.2)

18.115.030 Procedures – Application, notice and hearing, decision, effective date, appeal.

A. Application. An applicant for an architectural review permit shall submit a complete application accompanied by plans and materials in the form approved by the department. The zoning administrator may waive submission of items deemed unnecessary to determine compliance with applicable requirements of this chapter. An application is considered to be complete if it is in accordance with PHMC § 18.75.030.

B. Notice and hearing. The architectural review commission shall hold a hearing on the application. The hearing is open to the public, but no notice is required except to the applicant. No notice or hearing is required for an application to be considered by the zoning administrator under this section.

C. Decision. Within 20 working days following completion of the hearing, the commission shall approve, conditionally approve, or deny the application. The zoning administrator shall mail notice of the decision to the applicant and any other party requesting notice within 10 calendar days of the decision.

D. Effective date. A decision under this chapter takes effect at the end of the time allowed for an appeal, which is 10 calendar days after notice of the decision is mailed. If the decision is appealed, the decision is not final until the appeal process under PHMC Chapter 18.130 has been exhausted.

E. Appeal. A decision of the zoning administrator under this chapter may be appealed to the architectural review commission, and a decision of the architectural review commission may be appealed to the city council, all in accordance with the appeal procedures of PHMC Chapter 18.130.

F. Projects with multiple discretionary applications. Notwithstanding subsections C through E of this section, for projects requiring a discretionary permit approval from the planning commission and/or city council in addition to approval of an architectural review permit, the planning commission and/or city council shall be the final decision-maker for the architectural review permit and any action of the architectural review commission shall be considered advisory to the planning commission and/or city council. (Ord. 921 § 3, 2018; Ord. 738 § 1 (Exh. C), 1999; Ord. 710 § 35-32.4, 1996; 1991 code § 35-32.4)

18.115.040 Scope of review.

In approving an architectural review permit, the architectural review commission shall review the site plan and physical design of a project; the sign designs and locations; and lighting.

In its review, the architectural review commission shall consider the following factors:

A. Excellence of design;

B. Height, bulk and coverage of buildings;

C. Colors, building materials, and types of building and installations;

D. Physical and architectural relation with existing and proposed structures in the area and to the site’s location within the city;

E. Site layout, orientation and location of buildings, and relationship with property boundaries and open areas;

F. Height, materials, colors and variations in boundary walls, fences, or screen planting;

G. Location and type of landscaping, including but not limited to setback areas and off-street parking areas;

H. Appropriateness of sign design and exterior lighting standards and devices and other building graphics, pursuant to criteria established in PHMC § 18.60.050 and the sign design guidelines adopted under PHMC § 18.60.090; and

I. The extent of grading and its relationship to topography, as related to visual impacts. (Ord. 738 § 1 (Exh. C), 1999; Ord. 710 § 35-32.6, 1996; 1991 code § 35-32.6)

18.115.050 Conditions of approval.

The architectural review commission or zoning administrator may impose conditions reasonably related to the application and consistent with this chapter. They may not impose requirements pertaining to use, density, floor area ratio (FAR), open space, yard setbacks, ridgeline and creek setbacks, parking or loading or signs more restrictive than those prescribed by the planning commission and the district regulations or a valid use permit or variance. (Ord. 738 § 1 (Exh. C), 1999; Ord. 710 § 35-32.8, 1996; 1991 code § 35-32.8)

18.115.060 Lapse and renewal – Changes to plans.

A. Lapse of approval. An architectural review permit lapses one year from its effective date unless:

1. A building permit has been issued, substantial money has been expended, and construction diligently pursued; or

2. An occupancy permit has been issued; or

3. The approval is renewed by the architectural review commission.

B. Changed plans. The zoning administrator may approve a change to the approved plans or to the conditions of approval upon a written determination that the change is minor and consistent with the intent of the original approval. A revision involving a substantial change in project design or a condition of approval requires a new application and approval, for modification of the condition. If the zoning administrator determines that the modification is major, then the modification shall be referred for consideration to the final decision-making body that approved the original architectural review permit. (Ord. 856 § 2 (Exh. A), 2011; Ord. 738 § 1 (Exh. C), 1999; Ord. 710 § 35-32.10, 1996; 1991 code § 35-32.10)

18.115.070 Resubmittal of application.

Following denial of an application for architectural review, no new application for the same, or substantially the same, architectural review plan shall be accepted within one year of the date of denial, unless the denial was made without prejudice. (Ord. 738 § 1 (Exh. C), 1999; Ord. 710 § 35-32.12, 1996; 1991 code § 35-32.12)