Part 3. Overlay Districts

Chapter 18.40


18.40.010    Purpose and applicability.

18.40.020    Initiation – Review and approval.

18.40.010 Purpose and applicability.

Overlay districts are zoning districts established to carry out specific purposes. They are governed by a set of regulations that address specific subjects, such as historic districts and cultural resources. Overlay districts may be initially established by adding a specific section to this Part 3, Overlay Districts, without being actually delineated on the zoning map. At a later time, when an opportunity arises to carry out the intended purposes for one or more sites that meet the criteria for designation, the city council may adopt an ordinance amending the zoning map to delineate the boundaries of the overlay district. The provisions of the overlay district then will be combined with the provisions of the base zoning district for that site or sites to which the overlay district applies and the more restrictive provisions will govern. (Ord. 710 § 35-11.1, 1996; 1991 code § 35-11.1)

18.40.020 Initiation – Review and approval.

The planning commission or the city council may initiate an amendment to the zoning ordinance to establish an overlay district under the procedures established in PHMC Chapter 18.125, Zoning Ordinance Amendments. The planning commission may recommend and the city council may adopt an ordinance enacting overlay district provisions under the requirements and criteria of PHMC Chapter 18.125 after duly noticed public hearings. (Ord. 710 § 35-11.2, 1996; 1991 code § 35-11.2)