Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Adoption.

2.16.020    Personnel Officer.

2.16.030    Scope.

2.16.040    Adoption and amendment of rules.

2.16.050    Improper political activity.

2.16.010 Adoption.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a system of personnel administration based on merit principles. These merit principles include:

A. Recruiting, selecting, and advancing employees on their relative abilities, knowledge, and skills, including open consideration of qualified applications for initial appointments;

B. Providing equitable and adequate compensation;

C. Training employees as needed, to assure high quality performance;

D. Retaining employees on the basis of the adequacy of their performance, and separating employees whose inadequate performance cannot be corrected;

E. Assuring the impartial treatment of applicants for employment and employees in all aspects of personnel administration without regard to political affiliation, race, color, creed, national origin, sex, religion, age, marital status, or disability, ancestry, medical condition, pregnancy, or sexual orientation, and with proper regard for their privacy and constitutional rights as citizens. (Ord. 692 § 2, 2009; Ord. 90 § 1, 1983)

2.16.020 Personnel Officer.

The City Manager shall be the Personnel Officer. The City Manager may delegate any of the powers and duties conferred upon him/her as Personnel Officer under this chapter to any other officer or employee of the City or may recommend that such powers and duties be performed under contract. The Personnel Officer or designee shall:

A. Administer all the provisions of this chapter and of the personnel rules;

B. Prepare, recommend to the City Council, and, upon approval, implement personnel rules and revisions and amendments to such rules;

C. Prepare or cause to be prepared a position classification plan, including classification specifications, and revisions of the plan. The plan, and any revisions thereof, shall become effective upon approval by the City Council;

D. Prepare or cause to be prepared an employee compensation plan including base salary and fringe benefits provisions. The plan, and any revisions thereof, shall become effective upon approval by the City Council;

E. Provide for the publishing or posting of notices of examinations for classifications in the classified service; the receiving of applications therefor; the conducting and grading of examinations; the certification to the appointing authority of a list of all persons eligible for appointment to the appropriate classifications in the classified service;

F. Provide for the hearing of appeals submitted by any applicable employee relative to any disciplinary action, dismissal, demotion, interpretation, or alleged violation of this chapter or the personnel rules and to make findings and final disposition as provided in the personnel rules;

G. Investigate and make recommendations as may be appropriate on any matter of personnel policy;

H. Conduct, administer or otherwise carry out all labor relations activities on behalf of the City. (Ord. 692 § 3, 2009; Ord. 90 § 2, 1983)

2.16.030 Scope.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all offices, classifications and employments in the service of the City, except:

A. Elective officers;

B. Members of appointive boards, commissions, and committees;

C. The City Manager and City Attorney;

D. Positions identified as at-will in the classification system. An at-will classification is subject to an at-will employment agreement between the City and the officer. Incumbents hired prior to July 21, 2009, in classifications transitioning to at-will shall maintain their classified status;

E. Persons engaged under contract to supply expert, professional, technical or any other services; or

F. Volunteer, provisional, temporary, seasonal and probationary personnel. (Ord. 748 §§ 1, 4, 2013; Ord. 692 § 4, 2009; Ord. 506 § 2, 1998)

2.16.040 Adoption and amendment of rules.

Personnel rules shall be developed by the Personnel Officer or designee and submitted to the City Council for approval. The Personnel Officer or designee shall give reasonable written notice to each recognized employee organization affected by the ordinance, rule, resolution, or regulation or amendment thereof proposed to be adopted, if within the scope of representation. The rules shall contain regulations governing the personnel system including:

A. Preparation, installation, revision, and maintenance of a classification plan covering all positions including employment standards and qualifications for each class;

B. Preparation, implementation, revision, and maintenance of an employee compensation plan including base salary and fringe benefit provisions;

C. Announcement of all tests and acceptance of applications for employment;

D. Preparation and conduct of examinations and/or other selection methods and the establishment and use of resulting employment list containing names of persons eligible for appointment;

E. Certification and appointment of persons from employment lists, and the making of provisional appointments;

F. Establishment of probationary periods;

G. Evaluation of employee performance;

H. Transfer, promotion, demotion, reinstatement, disciplinary action and layoff of employees;

I. Separation of employees from the City service;

J. The establishment and maintenance of adequate personnel records;

K. The establishment of appeal procedures concerning the interpretation and application of this chapter and any rules adopted under this chapter;

L. Any other matter relating to personnel matters. (Ord. 692 § 5, 2009; Ord. 90 § 4, 1983)

2.16.050 Improper political activity.

The political activities of City employees shall conform to pertinent provisions of State law. (Ord. 692 § 2, 2009; Ord. 90 § 6, 1983. Formerly 2.16.060)