Chapter 10.48


Article I. Vehicle Use on Private Property

10.48.010    Prohibited – Written permission required.

Article II. Parking Vehicles on Private Property

10.48.020    Prohibition of parking on private property.

10.48.030    Removal of vehicle parked on private property.

10.48.040    Size of sign.

10.48.050    Notice to owner of vehicle.

Article I. Vehicle Use on Private Property

10.48.010 Prohibited – Written permission required.

A. It is unlawful for any person to operate or drive or leave any vehicle in, over or upon any private property without having in his possession the written permission of the owner thereof, or the person entitled to the immediate possession thereof, or the authorized agent of either.

B. Whenever any person is stopped by a peace officer pursuant to this section, he shall, upon the request of such peace officer, display said written permission. (Ord. 33 § 2, 1981; Ord. 29 § 1, 1981; CC § 76.101)

Article II. Parking Vehicles on Private Property

10.48.020 Prohibition of parking on private property.

No person shall park a vehicle on private property without the consent or permission of the owner or person in lawful possession of such property. (Ord. 120 § 1, 1984)

10.48.030 Removal of vehicle parked on private property.

The owner or person in lawful possession of any private property may, subsequent to notifying, by telephone or, if impractical, by the most expeditious means available, the County Sheriff, cause the removal of a vehicle parked on such property to the nearest public garage, if there is displayed, in plain view at all City approved entrances to the property, or if none exists at least one sign per street frontage, a sign prohibiting public parking and indicating that vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense, and containing the telephone number of the local office of the Sheriff of the County. (Ord. 120 § 2, 1984)

10.48.040 Size of sign.

The sign prohibiting public parking shall be 18 inches by 24 inches in size and shall clearly state the following:

Public Parking is Prohibited

Unauthorized Vehicles Will be Towed Away at Owner’s Expense

Poway Sheriff’s Department – 858-513-2800


(Ord. 120 § 3, 1984)

10.48.050 Notice to owner of vehicle.

A. The person causing removal of such vehicle shall, if the person knows or is able to ascertain from the registration records of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the name and address of the registered legal owner thereof, immediately give, or cause to be given, notice in writing to the registered and legal owner of the fact of such removal, the grounds for the removal, and indicate the place to which the vehicle has been removed.

B. In the event the vehicle is stored in a public garage, a copy of the notice shall be given to the proprietor of the garage.

C. The notice provided for in this chapter shall include the amount of mileage at the time of removal if applicable.

D. If the person does not know and is not able to ascertain the name of the owner or for any other reason is unable to give the notice to the owner as provided in this chapter, the person causing removal of a vehicle shall comply with the requirements of Section 22853 of the California Vehicle Code relating to notice in the same manner as applicable to an officer removing a vehicle from private property. (Ord. 120 § 4, 1984)