Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Created.

13.16.020    Direction and control.

13.16.030    City Manager duties – City Council approval.

13.16.010 Created.

A Municipal Solar Utility is created for purposes of satisfying requirements contained in Section 17052.5 or Section 23601 of the California Revenue and Tax Code. (Ord. 76 § 1, 1982)

13.16.020 Direction and control.

The Municipal Solar Utility shall be under the direction and control of the City Manager. (Ord. 76 § 2, 1982)

13.16.030 City Manager duties – City Council approval.

The City Manager shall present for Council approval, rules and regulations governing the activities of the Municipal Solar Utility including a program whose primary activity will be issuing permits to qualified solar leasing businesses, and establishing permittee, and/or consumer protection criteria. Such rules and regulations shall be approved by Council resolution. (Ord. 76 § 3, 1982)