Chapter 16.02


16.02.010    Title and statutory authority.

16.02.020    Purpose.

16.02.030    Conformity to general plan, specific plan and zoning ordinance.

16.02.040    Applicability of division.

16.02.010 Title and statutory authority.

This division is adopted to supplement and implement the Subdivision Map Act, Section 66410, et seq., of the State Government Code, and may be cited as “the subdivision ordinance of the City of Poway.” (Ord. 80 § 1, 1982; CC § 81.101)

16.02.020 Purpose.

A. It is the purpose of this division to regulate and control the division of land within the City and to supplement the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act concerning the design, improvement and survey of subdivisions, the form and content of all maps provided for by the Subdivision Map Act, and the procedure to be followed in securing the official Subdivision Map Act, and the procedure to be followed in securing the official approval of the Development Services Department, the Public Works Department, the City Engineer and City Council regarding such subdivisions and maps.

B. To accomplish this purpose, the regulations outlined in this division are determined to be necessary for the preservation of the public health, safety and general welfare, to promote orderly growth and development and to promote open space, conservation, protection, and proper use of land and to ensure provision for adequate traffic circulation, utilities and services. (Ord. 655 § 3, 2007; Ord. 518, 1999; Ord. 80 § 1, 1982; CC § 81.102)

16.02.030 Conformity to general plan, specific plan and zoning ordinance.

No land shall be subdivided and developed for any purpose which is not in conformity with the general plan, any of its elements, and any specific plan, community plan, or planned community of the City or specifically authorized by the precise zoning ordinance or development code of the City. The type and intensity of land use as shown on the general plan and its elements shall determine the type of streets, roads, highways, utilities and public services that shall be provided by the subdivider. (Ord. 80 § 1, 1982; CC § 81.103)

16.02.040 Applicability of division.

The regulations set forth in this division shall apply to subdivisions or parts thereof within the City and to the preparation of subdivision maps thereof and to other maps provided for by the Subdivision Map Act. Each such subdivision and each part thereof lying within the City shall be made and each such map shall be prepared and presented for approval as provided for and required in this division. (Ord. 80 § 1, 1982; CC § 81.104)