Chapter 17.16


17.16.010    Purposes.

17.16.020    Permitted and conditional uses – MHP.

17.16.030    Property development standards – Generally.

17.16.040    Property development standards – General requirements.

17.16.050    Property development standards – Special requirements.

17.16.060    Pre-existing mobile home parks.

17.16.070    Signs.

17.16.010 Purposes.

The MHP, mobile home park zone, is intended for the exclusive development of mobile home parks. All mobile home parks shall be developed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 5.1.1), 1983)

17.16.020 Permitted and conditional uses – MHP.

The uses shall be permitted where the symbol “P” appears and subject to a conditional use permit where the symbol “C” appears, and subject to a minor conditional use permit where the symbol “M” appears in the column beneath each zone designation. Where the symbol “X” appears the use is prohibited. A use that is not listed is prohibited. Land uses identified for the zone may be further limited by the presence of a specific plan or other applicable provision of the PMC.



A. Residential Uses.


1. Single-family dwelling used for caretakers when located on the same site


2. Mobile home condominiums with the filing of a tentative map


3. Conversions of existing mobile home parks may be permitted if no low- and moderate-income people, seniors age 62 and older, are displaced from the park and the mobile home park is developed consistent with current standards as noted in this title


4. Accessory dwelling unit


5. Group residential


6. Multiple dwellings


B. Agricultural and Animal Uses.


1. All types of horticulture


2. 4-H or FFA animal raising and/or keeping in accordance with PMC 17.26.030(I)


3. Keeping of small animals in accordance with PMC 17.32.020


4. Keeping of large animals in accordance with Chapters 17.32 and 17.33 PMC


5. Keeping of up to three dogs and up to three cats over the age of four months


6. The keeping of wild, exotic or nondomestic animals


7. Keeping of beehives


8. Raising of earthworms


C. Home Occupations.


1. Home occupations subject to the provisions of Chapter 17.28 PMC


D. Accessory Uses.


1. Accessory structures and uses located on the same site as a permitted use


2. “Seatainers”


E. Temporary Uses.


1. Temporary uses as prescribed in Chapter 17.26 PMC


F.  Marijuana: dispensaries, collectives and cooperatives, cultivation, delivery, manufacturing and storage as defined in PMC 17.04.514


(Ord. 820 § 12, 2018; Ord. 808 § 12, 2017; Ord. 785 § 12, 2016; Ord. 773 § 6, 2015; Ord. 736 § 12, 2012; Ord. 674 § 22, 2008; Ord. 490 § 2(3), 1997; Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 5.1.2), 1983)

17.16.030 Property development standards – Generally.

The following regulations shall apply to the site of a mobile home park. Additional regulations may be specified as conditions of approval through development review by the City Council. (Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 5.1.3), 1983)

17.16.040 Property development standards – General requirements.

The following requirements are minimum unless otherwise stated:

A.    Maximum density

8 dwelling units per net acre

B.    Site area

20 acres

C.    Site frontage

250 feet, continuous frontage

D.    Area per unit space

4,000 square feet

E.    Depth per unit space

75 feet

F.    Width per unit space

50 feet

G.    Coverage per unit space

55 percent (maximum)

H.    Front yard setback per unit space

15 feet

I.    Side yard setback per unit space (each side)

5 feet/5 feet

J.    Site side yard setbacks (each side)

15 feet/5 feet

K.    Site street side yard setback

25 feet

L.    Building and structure height (maximum in feet)

14 feet or 1 story, whichever is less, or as expressly authorized pursuant to an adopted specific plan

M.    Recreation area per unit space

150 square feet of open, private unit recreation area for each mobile home space. This requirement shall be increased to 200 square feet per mobile home space if children under the age of 18 are permitted within the development

N.    Parking per unit

Two tandem 10' x 20' each plus space one parking space per each four units for guest parking

(Ord. 267 § 2(4), 1988; Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 5.1.3(A)), 1983)

17.16.050 Property development standards – Special requirements.

The following special requirements shall apply to development of mobile home spaces and to facilities within a mobile home park. Additional requirements may be specified as conditions of development review.

A. Mobile Home Space and Units. Each space shall have dimensions capable of accommodating a rectangle with minimum dimensions of 28 feet by 55 feet. All mobile homes shall be at least double wide coaches.

B. Accessory Structures. Carports, patio covers, storage buildings, and similar structures accessory to a mobile home may be located no closer than five feet to the boundary of a mobile home space.

C. Access and Access Drives. All mobile home access shall be from a publicly maintained street, however, access drives within a mobile home park shall be privately owned, and shall be at least 28 feet wide exclusive of adjoining parking areas.

D. Sidewalks. Concrete sidewalks at least four and one-half feet in width shall be provided to serve each mobile home space and to serve all central or common facilities within the mobile home park. Sidewalks need not adjoin access drives.

E. Landscaping. Not less than 20 percent of each mobile home space shall be landscaped with plant materials, including at least one 15-gallon size tree on each space.

F. Screening and Landscaping. Required yards shall be landscaped in accord with a site development plan to be approved in accordance with the procedures of development review. Screening of the mobile homes shall be provided around the entire site by a wall and landscaping.

G. Mobile Home Park Accessory Buildings and Use. Accessory buildings and uses serving the entire mobile home park, including recreation facilities, laundry areas, mobile home park offices, and maintenance or storage buildings, shall be located at least 50 feet from the exterior boundaries of the mobile home park site. All exterior maintenance or storage areas shall be enclosed by a six-foot masonry wall.

H. Cable television service shall be provided to each mobile home space.

I. Common recreation facilities shall be provided commensurate with the proposed or intended residents including, a meeting room, pool and spa and one of the following:

1. Putting green;

2. Pitch and putt golf course;

3. Children’s play area;

4. Lawn/open space general recreation areas; and

5. Recreation lakes.

J. Recreation vehicle storage areas, fully screened from view of the public and private streets shall be provided in addition to the CC&R’s prohibiting the storage of recreational vehicles on the unit space.

K. All unit spaces plus the caretaker’s unit and any recreation buildings shall be provided with City water and sewer service.

L. Skirting or screening of the unit wheels shall be required.

M. All exterior lighting shall be constructed in accordance with PMC 17.08.220(L).

N. Coaches and lots within newly created, privately owned mobile home parks shall be held in common ownership, except in cases where the coaches and/or lots are owned by a public agency.

O. All public projects and private development projects within the jurisdiction of the City that have the potential to adversely impact sensitive plant species, wildlife species, and associated natural habitats shall either demonstrate that any removal of habitat associated with the proposed development has been authorized by the California Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or comply with the adopted Poway subarea habitat conservation plan, the companion implementing agreement, and the requirements thereof including the compensation mitigation strategy, mitigation ratios, and special development requirements. (Ord. 674 § 23, 2008; Ord. 450 § 3, 1995; Ord. 286 § 2, 1989; Ord. 192 § 1, 1986; Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 5.1.3(B)), 1983)

17.16.060 Pre-existing mobile home parks.

A pre-existing mobile home park shall not be deemed nonconforming by reason of failure to meet the minimum requirements prescribed by this section; provided, that the regulations of this chapter shall apply to the enlargement or expansion of a pre-existing mobile home park, and; provided, that a pre-existing mobile home park on a site less than 10 acres shall not be further reduced in area. (Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 5.1.4), 1983)

17.16.070 Signs.

No sign or outdoor advertising structure shall be permitted in an MHP zone except as provided in Chapter 17.40 PMC. (Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 5.1.5), 1983)