Chapter 17.27


17.27.010    Purpose.

17.27.020    Conditions.

17.27.010 Purpose.

In order to minimize the adverse effects that the operation of a pawn shop may have on the neighborhood or area in which it is located, the regulations set out in this chapter are established. (Ord. 368 § 2, 1992)

17.27.020 Conditions.

Pawn shops may be permitted only in the CB, Commercial Business zone, subject to the conditions listed in this section:

A. No pawn shop shall be located within 1,000 feet of any lot on which another pawn shop is located.

B. All pawn shops shall comply with the regulations of Chapter 5.32 PMC concerning secondhand dealers. (Ord. 773 § 14, 2015; Ord. 368 § 2, 1992)