Chapter 17.34


17.34.010    Generally.

17.34.020    Animal run requirements.

17.34.030    Dispersal of excrement.

17.34.040    Noise attenuation.

17.34.050    Runs or exercise area locations.

17.34.010 Generally.

The following regulations are established for operation and maintenance of kennels in the residential zones pursuant to PMC 17.08.110(G) and the commercial zones pursuant to PMC 17.10.060, Miscellaneous Uses, Small animal boarding. (Ord. 674 § 39, 2008; Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 6.5), 1983)

17.34.020 Animal run requirements.

Animal runs shall meet the following minimums:

A. Minimum Sizes. Minimum sizes shall be as follows:

1. Three feet by five feet for small size animals;

2. Three feet by nine feet for medium size animals;

3. Nine feet by nine feet for large size animals.

B. Animal runs shall be constructed and/or coated with nonporous material to discourage the breeding of ticks and other similar pests.

C. All animal runs and animal holding areas shall have concrete or other durable flooring sloped for proper drainage.

D. All animal runs shall be provided with adequate enclosures to provide protection from inclement weather.

E. All animal runs shall be provided with drains sufficient to control drainage and daily washing of the runs.

F. All animal runs shall be washed down daily to control odor, flies and the breeding of ticks, fleas, bacteria and other similar items. (Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 6.5(A)), 1983)

17.34.030 Dispersal of excrement.

All kennels shall be served by sewer and/or all excrement produced by said kenneled animals shall be dispersed on a regular basis so as to control flies and odor, or stored in an enclosed container and dispersed on a regular basis. (Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 6.5(B)), 1983)

17.34.040 Noise attenuation.

All noise shall be sound attenuated so that the noise level measured at the property line is within the ambient level for the zone in which the site is located. (Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 6.5(C)), 1983)

17.34.050 Runs or exercise area locations.

No animal runs, exercise areas or keeping of the kenneled animals for commercial or noncommercial purposes shall be located within the required front, street side or side yards of the zone in which the site is located. (Ord. 113 § 1 (Exh. A 6.5(D)), 1983)