Title 4


4.02    General Provisions

4.06    General Business Licenses

4.07    Tobacco Retailer License

4.10    Special Business Licenses and Employee Permits

4.14    Taxicabs

4.18    Ambulance Services

4.22    Cardrooms

4.23    Licensing of Raft Rental Businesses and the Collection of City-Imposed Fees by Licensees

4.26    Bingo

4.28    Repealed

4.29    Bingo Suppliers

4.30    Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers and Junk Dealers

4.32    Junk Tire Storage

4.33    Massage/Massage Businesses

4.34    Adult-Related Establishments

4.38    Outdoor Festivals

4.50    Other Businesses

4.54    Regulations and Prohibitions

4.56    Temporary Moratorium on the Eviction of Commercial Tenants Where the Failure to Pay Rent Is Due to Income Loss or Health Care Costs from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

4.58    Plumbing Trade Competency

4.60    Regulation of Alcohol Sales

4.61    Self-Service Tobacco Displays