Chapter 2.09


2.09.010    Office created—Term.

2.09.020    Compensation.

2.09.030    Functions.

2.09.010 Office created—Term.

The office of City Clerk is created and established. The City Clerk shall be appointed by the City Manager. (Ord. 1457 § 3 (part), 2013)

2.09.020 Compensation.

The City Clerk shall receive such compensation and expense allowance as the City Manager shall from time to time determine. (Ord. 1457 § 3 (part), 2013: Ord. 1313 § 1, 2002: Ord. 1258 § 1, 1999: Ord. 1059 § 1, 1990. Formerly 2.09.010)

2.09.030 Functions.

A.    The City Clerk shall have all of the powers, duties and responsibilities granted to and imposed upon the office of the City Clerk by the applicable provisions of the Government Code, other general laws of the State, the provisions of this code, and the ordinances and resolutions of the Council.

B.    The principal functions of the City Clerk shall be to:

1.    Attend all regular meetings of the City Council except when excused by the City Manager, and be responsible for the timely recording and maintaining of a record of all the actions of the City Council;

2.    Keep all ordinances and resolutions of the City Council in such a manner that the information contained therein will be readily accessible and open to the public. The City Clerk shall attest to each resolution and ordinance adopted by the City Council and, as to ordinances requiring publication, that the ordinance has been published or posted in accordance with law;

3.    Prepare requirements, schedule and maintain all records of the Council and of the office of the City Clerk, and prepare the records retention schedule for City departments in such manner that the information contained therein will be readily accessible and open to the public pursuant to the California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6250 et seq., until such time as any of the records may be destroyed or reproduced and the original destroyed, in accordance with State law;

4.    Serve as the official custodian of all City records;

5.    Receive, organize, prepare and reply to requests regulated by the California Public Records Act;

6.    Serve as custodian of the seal of the City;

7.    Prepare the City Council agendas, in conjunction with and under the direction of the City Manager;

8.    Perform the duties prescribed by the Elections Code in conducting municipal elections;

9.    Perform the duties imposed upon city clerks by the California Political Reform Act;

10.    Be responsible for the maintenance and distribution of the City’s Municipal Code;

11.    Receive and forward to appropriate departments all claims filed against the City and its officers, agents or employees, pursuant to the provisions of the Tort Claims Act, Government Code Section 900 et seq., and 26 of this code;

12.    Administer all official oaths of office;

13.    Certify all official records of the City;

14.    Display decorum and conduct befitting a holder of a public office; work cooperatively and positively with employees, managers, commissioners and members of the public; maintain exceptional customer service at all times; and

15.    Perform such other duties as assigned. (Ord. 1457 § 3 (part), 2013)