Chapter 2.11


2.11.010    Office created—Term.

2.11.020    Compensation.

2.11.030    Functions.

2.11.040    Agreements with the City Council.

2.11.010 Office created—Term.

A.    The office of the City Attorney is established. It shall consist of the City Attorney, who shall be appointed by the City Council.

B.    The City Attorney shall administer the office and be responsible for the successful performance of its functions. He or she shall serve under the direct supervision and control of the City Council as its legal advisor.

C.    The City Council may enter into a contract with a private law firm to perform the services of City Attorney and, in that connection, may designate a City Attorney and approve of Assistant City Attorneys as are deemed necessary, as may be recommended by the City Attorney, and references in this chapter to City Attorney or the office of City Attorney will include any applicable law firm and performance of the functions by any of its members or employed attorneys.

D.    The City Attorney may retain or employ other attorneys, assistants or special counsel as may be needed to provide services in any litigation or legal matters or assist the City Attorney therein. (Ord. 1457 § 4 (part), 2013)

2.11.020 Compensation.

The City Attorney shall receive such compensation and expense allowance as the City Council shall from time to time determine pursuant to his or her written agreement for services with the City. (Ord. 1457 § 4 (part), 2013)

2.11.030 Functions.

Except as otherwise provided for in an agreement for services with the City, the functions of the office of the City Attorney shall be to:

A.    Advise the City Council and all City officers in all matters of laws pertaining to their offices;

B.    Furnish legal service at all regular meetings of the City Council, except when excused by the Mayor or the City Council, and give advice or opinions on the legality of all matters under consideration by the City Council or by any of the boards and commissions or officers of the City;

C.    Prepare and/or approve as to form all ordinances, resolutions, agreements, contracts, and other legal instruments as shall be required for the proper conduct of the business of the City;

D.    Prosecute on behalf of the people cases for violation of City ordinances when not otherwise prosecuted by the District Attorney of San Mateo County; and

E.    Perform such other legal duties as may be required by the City Council or as may be necessary to complete the performance of the foregoing functions. (Ord. 1457 § 4 (part), 2013)

2.11.040 Agreements with the City Council.

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as a limitation on the power or authority of the City Council to enter into any supplemental written agreement with the City Attorney delineating additional terms and conditions of employment not inconsistent with any provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 1457 § 4 (part), 2013)