Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Established.

2.40.020    Authority—Powers.

2.40.030    City Council to perform duties.

2.40.040    Implementation of Community Redevelopment Law.

2.40.010 Established.

It is found, determined and declared that there is a need for a redevelopment agency to function in the City in accordance with the provisions of the Community Redevelopment Law. (Ord. 956 § 1, 1985)

2.40.020 Authority—Powers.

The Redevelopment Agency is established pursuant to Section 33101 of the Community Redevelopment Law to be known as the Redevelopment Agency. The Redevelopment Agency is authorized to transact business and exercise its power under provisions of the Community Redevelopment Law. (Ord. 956 § 2, 1985)

2.40.030 City Council to perform duties.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 33200 of the Community Redevelopment Law, the City Council declares itself to be the Redevelopment Agency of the City. This declaration is based upon the finding that the City Council currently has the greatest ability to expedite and facilitate the requirements of the California Community Redevelopment Law in a timely manner consistent with needs, goals and objectives of the community. (Ord. 956 § 3, 1985)

2.40.040 Implementation of Community Redevelopment Law.

The City Council finds and determines that the designation of the City Council as the Redevelopment Agency will serve the public interest and promote the public health, safety and welfare in an effective manner in that this public body is best able to serve the needs of the community to implement the purposes of the Community Redevelopment Law. (Ord. 956 § 4, 1985)