Chapter 3.08


3.08.010    Warrants defined.

3.08.020    Payment authorizations and the warrant list.

3.08.030    Issuance of checks and electronic payments.

*    Prior ordinance history: Ords. 499 and 997.

3.08.010 Warrants defined.

A.    A “warrant” is an authorization to pay money from the treasury of the City of San Carlos.

B.    A “warrant list” is a list of payroll, or invoices and other payment demands which have been approved for payment. (Ord. 1373 § 1 (part), 2006)

3.08.020 Payment authorizations and the warrant list.

A.    The Administrative Services Director, or the Finance Officer, shall certify in writing, or electronically, the accuracy of the City’s payroll and all invoices and other demands for payment, and post such approved payments on a “warrant list.”

B.    The City Treasurer, or Deputy City Treasurer, shall review and approve in writing, or electronically, or ratify within fourteen days of payment of payroll, monies or other demands, all items on each warrant list. A copy of each warrant list approved by the City Treasurer shall be provided to each member of the City Council, in a timely manner. (Ord. 1373 § 1 (part), 2006)

3.08.030 Issuance of checks and electronic payments.

A.    Payment may be made for all payroll, invoices and other demands which have been approved in writing by the Administrative Services Director or Finance Officer.

B.    Payments shall be made electronically or by the issuance of checks.

C.    All checks shall contain the signature of the City Treasurer, or in his absence, any one of the following signatures: Deputy City Treasurer, Administrative Services Director, Finance Officer, City Manager, Assistant City Manager or City Clerk.

D.    All officials who are authorized to sign checks shall be bonded with a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars.

E.    All signatures on checks may be made by mechanical means. (Ord. 1373 § 1 (part), 2006)