Title 8


8.02    Sales of Flavored Tobacco Products and Pharmacy Sales of Tobacco Products Prohibited

8.03    Regulation of Smoking in and around Multi-Unit Residences

8.04    Solid Waste

8.05    Recycling and Diversion of Construction and Demolition Debris

8.06    Smoking Control

8.07    Tobacco Retailer Permits

8.08    Abandoned Vehicles

8.09    Regulation of Commercial Cannabis Activities—Permit Required

8.10    Minimum Wage

8.16    Private Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems

8.18    Residential Storage of Firearms

8.20    Explosives

8.24    Recycling and Collection of Other Wastes

8.25    Mandatory Commercial and Multifamily Residential Recycling

8.26    Feeding Pigeons

8.27    Regulating the Use of Disposable Food Service Ware

8.28    Reusable Bags

8.40    Prohibition of Use of Vehicles for Human Habitation and for Overnight Parking

8.41    Prohibition of Boat Trailer and Trailer Overnight Parking

8.44    Adult-Oriented Businesses

8.50    Traffic Impact Fee

8.51    Commercial Linkage Fees

8.52    Child Care Development Impact Fees

8.60    Mandatory Organic Waste Disposal Reduction