Chapter 17.20


17.20.010    Tentative map and final map required.

17.20.020    Tentative parcel map and parcel map required.

17.20.030    Submittal requirements.

17.20.040    Lot line adjustments.

17.20.010 Tentative map and final map required.

A tentative map and a final map shall be required for any subdivision for which a tentative map and a final map are required by the Subdivision Map Act. (Ord. 879 § 1 Ex. A (part), 1981)

17.20.020 Tentative parcel map and parcel map required.

A tentative parcel map and a parcel map shall be required for any subdivision other than those for which the Subdivision Map Act requires a tentative and final map, unless expressly exempted from such requirements by the Subdivision Map Act. (Ord. 879 § 1 Ex. A (part), 1981)

17.20.030 Submittal requirements.

All maps submitted pursuant to this title shall meet all requirements of the Subdivision Map Act, of this title, and as may be required pursuant to Chapter 18.27. (Ord. 1439 § 4 (Exh. F (part)), 2011: Ord. 879 § 1 Ex. A (part), 1981)

17.20.040 Lot line adjustments.

A.    A tentative map, final map or parcel map shall not be required for any lot line adjustment between four or fewer existing and adjoining parcels, unless any of the following conditions exist:

1.    The lot line adjustment will cause any of the parcels to become nonconforming with respect to any of the requirements of the San Carlos Municipal Code: this title, Title 18, Zoning, or Chapter 15.04, Technical Building Codes, or the San Carlos General Plan, or applicable specific plan;

2.    The lot line adjustment will cause an increase in the degree of nonconformance of any existing lot not in compliance with the requirements referred to in subsection (A)(1) of this section;

3.    The lot line adjustment involves any lot that does not exist in compliance with the provisions of this title, or the Subdivision Map Act;

4.    The lot line adjustment will necessitate the modification of any existing facilities approved pursuant to a planned community zone;

5.    The lot line adjustment significantly modifies the means of access to any of the affected lots;

6.    The lot line adjustment will render any existing facilities noncomplying or uses nonconforming, or will increase the degree of any such noncompliance or nonconformance;

7.    The lot line adjustment affects any public utilities or other easements or any public improvements;

8.    The lot line adjustment creates additional parcels.

B.    The review authority must make all of the following findings in order to approve or conditionally approve a lot line adjustment application. The inability to make one or more of the following findings is grounds for denial of an application. Decisions may be appealed as provided in Chapter 17.44, Appeals.

1.    The proposed lot line adjustment is limited to four or fewer existing adjoining lots.

2.    Each of the affected lots is a separate legal lot of record because it was created in compliance with the applicable subdivision regulations in effect at the time of its creation.

3.    The proposed lot line adjustment would not result in the creation of additional parcels or additional potential building sites.

4.    The proposed lot line adjustment is consistent with the General Plan and any applicable specific plan.

5.    The proposed lot line adjustment complies with zoning, development, and relevant subdivision provisions of this title and Title 18, including but not limited to those which address minimum lot size, lot design and configuration, street frontage and building setbacks from all property lines.

C.    Upon approval of such lot line adjustment, expiration of the time for appeal and compliance with all of the conditions of approval, the City Engineer shall issue and cause to be recorded a certificate of compliance for the involved lots; provided, that in lieu of requiring completion of all conditions of approval, the City Engineer may issue a conditional certificate of compliance requiring performance of the conditions prior to issuance of any permits for the development of any of the lots, or at such earlier times as may be deemed necessary. (Ord. 1439 § 4 (Exh. F (part)), 2011: Ord. 1338 § 1, 2004; Ord. 1318 § 1, 2003; Ord. 879 § 1 Ex. A (part), 1981)