Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Created.

2.12.020    Membership.

2.12.030    Term of office.

2.12.040    Functions, powers and duties.

2.12.010 Created.

There is established the planning commission of the city. (Prior code § 2410)

2.12.020 Membership.

The planning commission shall consist of seven members. (Ord. 917 § 1, 1982: prior code § 2410.1)

2.12.030 Term of office.

A. Commissioners shall be appointed for terms of four years which shall commence immediately upon appointment by the council. Commissioners shall serve at the pleasure of the council and may be reappointed; provided, that no appointee shall serve more than two consecutive full terms (eight years). Appointment to a partial term of office following an unscheduled vacancy shall not preclude the appointee from serving two consecutive full terms following completion of a partial term, provided the partial term is less than two years. Commissioners who have served for four or more consecutive years at the time the ordinance codified in this section becomes effective shall be eligible for reappointment to not more than one additional term.

B. Vacancies shall be filled for unexpired terms.

C. All of the procedures and requirements contained in the council adopted “Handbook for Advisory Bodies” shall be incorporated in this section by reference. (Ord. 1139 § 1, 1989: prior code § 2410.2)

2.12.040 Functions, powers and duties.

The planning commission’s basic responsibility is to make recommendations to the city council for the city’s development. To carry out this responsibility the commission will:

A. Prepare and recommend a general plan and appropriate attachments;

B. Prepare and recommend appropriate specific plans;

C. Review the city’s capital improvement program annually;

D. Perform authorized duties related to development review;

E. Perform such other duties required by the council or by state or city laws. (Prior code § 2410.3)