Chapter 5.24


5.24.010    Franchise—Council’s authority to grant.

5.24.020    Applicability of provisions.

5.24.030    Franchise permit required.

5.24.040    Vehicle requirements.

5.24.050    Drivers.

5.24.060    Fares.

5.24.070    Audits and passenger data.

5.24.080    Performance bond required.

5.24.090    Workmen’s compensation insurance required for employees.

5.24.100    Public liability insurance required.

5.24.110    Franchise—Transfer.

5.24.120    Franchise—Suspension or revocation.

5.24.130    Advertising on vehicles—Restrictions.

5.24.140    Charter buses permitted—Conditions.

5.24.010 Franchise—Council’s authority to grant.

The council may, subject to restrictions of state law, by ordinance grant such nonexclusive franchises as it deems appropriate for the operation of “passenger stages” by “passenger stage corporations,” as such terms are defined in the California Public Utilities Code, all other laws, and any and all terms, conditions and agreement which the council deems appropriate and necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. (Ord. 965 § 1, 1983: prior code § 6250)

5.24.020 Applicability of provisions.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the operation of passenger stages or taxicabs otherwise licensed or permitted by the California Public Utilities Commission, other public agencies or the city. (Prior code § 6250.11)

5.24.030 Franchise permit required.

It is unlawful for any passenger stage corporation to engage in the business of operating passenger stages within the city without then holding a valid franchise permit therefor. (Prior code § 6250.10)

5.24.040 Vehicle requirements.

All vehicles used as passenger stages shall meet the requirements of the California Public Utilities Commission and the Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Title 13 of the California Administrative Code. Each franchisee shall provide sufficient standby vehicles to assure service at all times. All vehicles shall be washed regularly and the interior shall be kept in a clean condition at all times. (Prior code § 6250.1)

5.24.050 Drivers.

A. Each driver of a passenger stage vehicle shall possess a valid California State Driver’s License for each type of vehicle driven by him or her. In addition, each such driver shall comply with all city standards, requirements and permits then in effect for taxicab drivers within the city.

B. All drivers shall be uniformed and English speaking, with an overall neat appearance, and shall be courteous and helpful within the city.

C. Each driver shall at all times display his or her driver’s permit and picture in a conspicuous place in the vehicle driven by him or her. (Prior code § 6250.2)

5.24.060 Fares.

Each passenger shall pay such fare as may be required by a fare schedule agreed upon from time to time by the city and the franchisee. A locked registering fare box shall be provided in each vehicle. (Prior code § 6250.3)

5.24.070 Audits and passenger data.

Each franchisee shall permit the city to audit the company books on a regular basis and shall cooperate with the city in the collection of data concerning passenger usage. (Prior code § 6250.4)

5.24.080 Performance bond required.

Each franchisee shall furnish and maintain a cash or surety bond payable to the city in the amount required by the city and conditioned upon the faithful performance of its franchise teens. (Prior code § 6250.5)

5.24.090 Workmen’s compensation insurance required for employees.

Each franchisee shall provide full Workmen’s Compensation Insurance for all eligible employees. (Prior code § 6250.6)

5.24.100 Public liability insurance required.

Each franchisee shall maintain public liability insurance in such amount and subject to such conditions as may be required by the city. (Prior code § 6250.7)

5.24.110 Franchise Transfer.

A passenger stage franchise shall not be transferred or assigned without the consent of the city, which consent shall not be withheld unreasonably. (Prior code § 6250.8)

5.24.120 Franchise Suspension or revocation.

A. A passenger stage franchise may be suspended or revoked, at the discretion of the council, upon any one of the following grounds:

1. Wilful failure to maintain and operate vehicles in accordance with all applicable requirements;

2. Abandonment of all operation of vehicles for a period of five days or more. Acts of God, labor disputes and other acts beyond the control of the franchisee shall not constitute an abandonment within the meaning of this section:

3. Wilful failure to provide audits, data and reports required by the city:

4. Cancellation of bonds or insurance, or failure to comply with all conditions of the ordinance codified in this chapter.

B. No suspension or revocation shall be made effective until a hearing has been held before the council, at which time the franchisee may be present and represented by counsel. The franchisee shall be given at least ten days’ notice of the hearing. (Prior code § 6250.9)

5.24.130 Advertising on vehicles—Restrictions.

Advertising shall not be permitted upon any passenger stage vehicle operating under an arrangement whereby the city contributes a subsidy directly or indirectly to the operation of the vehicles; provided, however, that advertising encouraging public use of public transit systems, advertising of events endorsed, aided or sponsored by the city, or public service announcements, may be displayed at such times and in such format as may be approved by the city. (Prior code § 6250.12)

5.24.140 Charter buses permitted—Conditions.

Franchisee may operate separate charter buses provided the charter does not interfere with the operation and meets with all terms of this franchise. (Prior code § 6250.13)