Chapter 5.68


5.68.010    Cardrooms prohibited.

5.68.010 Cardrooms prohibited.

A. No person shall conduct, maintain, manage, operate, carry on or cause to be conducted, maintained, managed, operated or carried on, any cardroom or other business where tables or other items of furniture are used directly or indirectly for playing cards or card games and for the use of which a fee, commission or compensation is directly or indirectly charged to, or accepted or received from, players or participants in any such playing of cards or card games.

B. A “cardroom” means any space, room or enclosure furnished or equipped with a table or tables, or other items of furniture, used or intended to be used as a card table for the playing of cards, and the use of which is available to the public or any portion of the public provided that “cardroom” shall not include a room in which the sole card game played is bridge. (Ord. 1202 § 21, 1991)