Chapter 6.08


6.08.010    Established—Location.

6.08.020    Poundmaster—Office created—Appointment—Duties—Compensation.

6.08.030    Poundmaster and deputies—Powers.

6.08.040    Poundmaster and deputies—Badges required.

6.08.050    Poundmaster—Recordkeeping.

6.08.060    Poundmaster—Reports.

6.08.010 Established—Location.

A public pound is hereby provided and the same, and any branches thereof, shall be located and established at such place in the city as shall be fixed from time to time by the council. Such public pound, or any authorized branches thereof, shall provide suitable buildings and enclosures to adequately keep and safely hold all such dogs, animals, poultry or household pets subject to be impounded by the provisions of the ordinance codified herein. (Prior code § 4000)

6.08.020 Poundmaster—Office created—Appointment—Duties—Compensation.

The office of city poundmaster is created. He or she shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the council. It shall be the duty of the poundmaster and his or her duly authorized deputies and employees to carry out the provisions of this chapter and all applicable statutes of the state and shall thereupon have charge of the public pound hereby provided and established. The poundmaster shall serve for such period of time and shall receive such compensation as shall be established by the city council. (Prior code § 4000.1)

6.08.030 Poundmaster and deputies—Powers.

The poundmaster and any duly authorized deputies appointed by him or her shall, as provided in the state of California Civil Code, Section 607F, have the power of arrest in connection with the enforcement of any of the provisions of this chapter, and shall have the authority to issue citations as provided in Sections 1.16.010 through 1.16.060. (Prior code § 4000.2)

6.08.040 Poundmaster and deputies—Badges required.

The poundmaster and his or her duly authorized and appointed deputies while engaged in the execution of their duties, shall each wear in plain view a badge having, in the case of the poundmaster the word “poundmaster” and, in the case of the deputy poundmaster, the words “deputy poundmaster” engraved thereon. Any person who has not been appointed as provided in Sections 6.08.020 and 6.08.030, or whose appointment has been revoked and he or she has been notified thereof, who shall represent himself to be or shall attempt to act as the poundmaster or as a deputy poundmaster shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Prior code § 4000.3)

6.08.050 Poundmaster—Recordkeeping.

The poundmaster shall keep a record of the number, description and disposition of all dogs, animals, poultry and household pets impounded, showing in detail in the case of each, the date of receipt, the date and manner of disposal, the name of the person reclaiming, redeeming or receiving such dogs, animals, poultry and household pets, the reason for destruction and such additional records as the city council may from time to time feel necessary. (Prior code § 4000.4)

6.08.060 Poundmaster—Reports.

The poundmaster shall make a monthly report to the city council, or as often as may be required by the city, of the actions, transactions and operations of the public pound. (Prior code § 4000.5)