Chapter 8.28


8.28.010    Prohibited chemicals.

8.28.020    Exceptions.

8.28.030    Temporary suspension.

8.28.010 Prohibited chemicals.

No person shall transport into or through the city any quantity of chemicals or substances specified as follows:

A. Nitrogen tetroxide.

B. Red fuming nitric acid.

C. Hydrazine.

D. Rocket fuel, or any chemical components thereof. (Ord. 1109 § 1, 19883

8.28.020 Exceptions.

This chapter shall not apply to chemicals, materials, or rocket fuels shipped by or for the United States Government for military or national security purposes or which are related to national defense. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as requiring the disclosure of any defense information or restricted data as defined by federal law, statute or regulation. (Ord. 1109 § 2, 19883

8.28.030 Temporary suspension.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, the fire chief may order the temporary suspension of the transportation of any of the above described material determined to pose an extreme and unreasonable risk to persons residing within the city, pending the acquisition of necessary emergency equipment and the preparation of operational plans and emergency procedures. (Ord. 1109 § 3, 1988)