Chapter 15.32

Ord. 1213 § 2, 1992, changed the title of this chapter from “Swimming Pools and Docks” to “Docks” and deleted §§ 15.32.010 – 15.32.240, derived from prior code §§ 8700.1 – 8700.11, 8710.1 – 8710.4, 8710.6 – 8710.12, 8710.14 – 8710.16.


15.32.250     Permit applications—Submission of plans required.

15.32.260    Encroachment restrictions.

15.32.270    Safety requirements.

15.32.280    Variances.

15.32.290    Exceptions.

15.32.300    Removal of nonconforming docks required.

15.32.250 Permit applications—Submission of plans required.

A. Any person legally entitled to apply for and receive a permit shall make such application on forms provided for that purpose. He or she shall give a description of the character of the work proposed to be done and the location, ownership, occupancy and use of the premises in connection therewith.

B. Application for permits for new construction shall be accompanied by legible plans in triplicate and in sufficient detail including the following:

1. A plot plan, drawn to scale of not less than one-eighth inch per foot, showing property lines with side property lines projected beyond the rear line into the body of water;

2. The location and size of the proposed dock, superimposed on the plot plan;

3. Working drawings of dock construction, to include details of connection and anchorage;

4. Means of access;

5. Information and schematics of all electrical, mechanical and plumbing work. (Prior code § 8720.1)

15.32.260 Encroachment restrictions.

A. No fixed dock shall encroach into that portion of Laguna Lake which is under the jurisdiction of the city. All such docks shall be located on private property.

B. Floating docks may encroach into Laguna Lake not more than thirty feet distance from the nearest property line and such floating docks shall not exceed one hundred eighty square feet in area. Total allowable area shall include any ramp or gangway constructed in conjunction with the floating dock and included in the encroachment.

C. No dock shall encroach beyond the projected lot lines of adjoining properties. (Prior code § 8720.2)

15.32.270 Safety requirements.

A. All new construction shall be in accordance with applicable codes and ordinances as adopted by the city.

B. Any fixed or floating dock or portion thereof that, in the opinion of the building official, is unsafe or insecure shall be deemed a nuisance, and shall be repaired or removed by the owner of the property upon which such dock is attached, within thirty days after notice in writing by the city.

After thirty days, the city may cause such dock to be removed and the cost of such removal shall become a lien against the real property.

The city may cause any dock which is in immediate peril to persons or property to be removed or corrected summarily and apply the cost as a lien against the real property. (Prior code § 8720.3)

15.32.280 Variances.

The planning commission may grant a variance to the standards as set forth in subsections A and B of Section 15.32.260, provided the following three conditions are satisfied:

A. That there are exceptional circumstances applying to the site, such as size, shape or topography, which do not apply generally to land in the vicinity;

B. That the exception will not constitute a grant of special privilege inconsistent with the limitations upon other properties in the vicinity;

C. That the granting of such exception will not adversely affect the health, safety or general welfare of persons residing or working in the vicinity. (Prior code § 8720.4)

15.32.290 Exceptions.

The director of the community development department may grant an exception to subsection C of Section 15.32.260, provided a written consent from the adjoining property owner is furnished with the application for permit. (Prior code § 8720.5)

15.32.300 Removal of nonconforming docks required.

Fixed and floating docks which do not conform to this chapter shall, within five years after the effective date of the ordinance codified herein (February 17, 1978), be removed or made to conform. (Prior code § 8720.6)