Chapter 17.50


17.50.010    Purpose.

17.50.020    Applicability.

17.50.010 Purpose.

The PD overlay zone is intended to provide for flexibility in the application of zoning standards to proposed development. The purpose is to allow consideration of innovation in site planning and other aspects of project design, and more effective design responses to site features, land uses on adjoining properties, and environmental impacts, than the development standards of the underlying zone would produce without adjustment. The city expects each planned development project to be of significantly higher design quality, including more effective and attractive pedestrian orientation, environmental sensitivity, energy efficiency, and the more efficient use of resources, than would be achieved through conventional design practices and standards. (Ord. 1438 § 4 (part), 2003)

17.50.020 Applicability.

A. Timing of Rezoning. PD rezoning shall occur simultaneously with the approval of a specific project through the planned development process (Chapter 17.62).

B. Where Allowed. The PD zone may be applied to any parcel within the C-N, C-C, C-D, C-R, C-T, C-S, and M zones; and in any other zone, to any parcel or contiguous parcels of at least one acre.

C. General Plan Compliance. The preparation, review, and approval of a PD overlay zone shall require strict compliance with the general plan and any applicable specific plan.

D. Relationship of PD Overlay to Primary Zoning District.

1. Allowable Land Uses. Any use or combination of uses allowed by Section 17.22.010 (Uses allowed by zones) within the underlying zoning district may be established within the PD overlay zone, subject to any additional limitations on specific land uses provided by the overlay as adopted. No PD overlay shall allow a land use that is not allowed in the primary zoning district, or by the general plan or any applicable specific plan.

2. Planning Permit Requirements. Development and new uses within the PD overlay district shall obtain the permits required by Section 17.22.010 for the underlying zone.

3. Site Planning and Project Development Standards. Development and new land uses within the PD overlay shall comply with all applicable development standards of the underlying zone, except as specifically modified, waived, or augmented by the PD overlay.

E. Scope of Approval. The application of the PD overlay to property may include the adjustment or modification, where necessary and justifiable, of any applicable development standard of these zoning regulations (e.g., building height, floor area ratio, parcel size, parking, setbacks, etc.), or of the city’s subdivision regulations. The maximum density as allowed by cross-slope percent may be adjusted but shall not exceed the maximum density allowed in the average cross-slope category zero through fifteen percent for the applicable zoning district. (Ord. 1553 § 21, 2010; Ord. 1438 § 4 (part), 2003)