Chapter 17.54


17.54.010    Purpose and application.

17.54.020    Allowed uses.

17.54.030    Property development standards.

*Prior history: Ord. 941: prior code § 9203.16(A), (B), (C) and (D).

17.54.010 Purpose and application.

A. The H zone identifies parcels, areas or structures that (1) are architecturally or historically important, and (2) may be eligible for benefits offered through the city’s historical preservation program.

B. The H zone may be applied to areas with any of the following characteristics:

1. The property is within an area where buildings with pre-1941 architectural styles create a recognizable character;

2. The property or area contains structures which (a) are good or excellent examples of pre-1941 architecture, or (b) were designed by eminent architects or designers, or (c) are community architectural landmarks;

3. The property or area contains structures that are included in the city’s Master List of Historical Resources;

4. The property, area or structure was owned or occupied by someone who had a significant role in the history of the city, region, state or nation. (Ord. 1086 § 1 Ex. A (part), 1987)

17.54.020 Allowed uses.

Uses shall be as provided in the underlying zone. (Ord. 1086 § 1 Ex. A (part), 1987)

17.54.030 Property development standards.

Property development standards shall be as established by the underlying zone. (Ord. 1086 § 1 Ex. A (part), 1987)