Chapter 17.92


17.92.010    Findings.

17.92.020    Prohibited.

17.92.010 Findings.

A. There is a strong likelihood that serious adverse effects will result from onshore processing, storage or related service facilities supporting offshore oil and gas development authorized by the federal and state governments.

B. Such facilities would threaten the community’s vital economy and environmental quality. (Ord. 1071 § 2 (1) (part), 1986)

17.92.020 Prohibited.

No onshore support facility for offshore oil or gas development shall be allowed or permitted within the city until such time that the council proposes the inclusion of such uses in an appropriate zone district or districts, and such proposal has been approved by a vote of the people of the city. For the purpose of this chapter, the term “onshore support facility” means any activity or land use required to support directly the exploration, development, production, storage, processing, transportation or related aspects of offshore energy resource extraction. (Ord. 1071 § 2 (1) (part), 1986)