Chapter 2.08


2.08.010    Designated.

2.08.020    Appointment of director of public works.

2.08.040    Legal holidays.

2.08.050    Duties of clerk.

2.08.060    Duties of treasurer.

2.08.070    Duties of director of public works.

2.08.080    Duties of chief of police.

2.08.090    Duties of the city attorney.

2.08.100    Fees—Retention unlawful—Deposit with treasurer required.

2.08.110    Bonds required.

2.08.010 Designated.

The officers of the city shall be the city manager, chief of police, director of public works or comparable classification, director of finance or comparable classification, city attorney, city clerk, city treasurer and such other subordinate officers and employees as may from time to time be deemed by the council to be necessary. (Ord. 2013-003 § 2: prior code § 2.26)

2.08.020 Appointment of director of public works.

The director of public works, or a comparable classification subject to professional qualifications and operational requirements as determined by the city manager, shall be appointed by the city manager and shall serve as an unclassified employee under the direction of the city manager. (Ord. 2013-003 § 4: prior code § 2.27)

2.08.040 Legal holidays.

Legal holidays shall be those which are defined in Sections 6700 to 6707 of the Government Code of the state. (Prior code § 2.30)

2.08.050 Duties of clerk.

The city clerk shall do and perform all duties imposed upon him by law and by virtue of his office. (Prior code § 2.31)

2.08.060 Duties of treasurer.

The city treasurer shall do and perform all duties imposed upon him by law and by virtue of his office; and he shall be ex officio tax collector and permits and business license administrator and receive and collect all moneys due the city for taxes and licenses and from other sources and all fees which may come to the city for assessments, which may become due the city for public improvements under the laws of the state; and, he shall pay all moneys into the treasury of the city within twenty-four hours after receipt thereof. (Prior code § 2.32)

2.08.070 Duties of director of public works.

A.    The director of public works shall advise the council upon all matters of an engineering nature, and shall also be ex officio superintendent of streets and city engineer.

B.    He shall perform all general engineering and surveying required in the process of public works and improvements and shall inspect all public works while the same are in the course of construction. He shall have the power to enforce provisions of the specifications adopted for such work, whether done under public or private contract.

C.    The director of public works shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of all streets, alleys, paths, right-of-ways or courts now open or which may hereafter be opened. He shall keep in his office a record of all surveys and measurements made by him and the same shall be open for public inspection during office hours. (Prior code § 2.33)

2.08.080 Duties of chief of police.

A.    The chief of police shall do and perform all duties required of him by law and by virtue of his office, and shall be the chief administrative officer of the police department, and shall have control and management of all members of the police department in the lawful exercise of their duties. The chief of police shall himself be responsible for and shall direct the operations of the police department to effect the enforcement in the city of all laws of the United States, of the state and ordinances of the city, except which such enforcement is by law or city ordinance specifically made the responsibility of another city department or except when such enforcement is the sole and specific responsibility of a state or federal agency.

B.    The chief of police shall in the lawful exercise of his duties, and subject to the provisions of ordinances of the city and of the laws of the state, have all the powers that are now, or may hereafter be conferred upon sheriffs by the laws of the state, and shall in all respects be entitled to the same protection.

C.    The chief of police shall be responsible for the administration of the city prison, and the care, control and custody of the prisoners.

D.    The chief of police shall have the authority to adopt rules and regulations for the administration, discipline, equipment and uniforms of members of the department, fixing the powers and duties and prescribing penalties for violations of any such rules and regulations, and providing for their enforcement, subject to the approval of the city manager and not in conflict with Chapter 2.48. (Prior code § 2.34)

2.08.090 Duties of the city attorney.

The city attorney shall act as legal advisor of the council, and advise the city authorities and officers in all legal matters pertaining to the business of the city, frame all ordinances and resolutions required by the city council, and perform such other legal services as the city council may require from time to time, and shall prosecute all violations of the city laws. (Prior code § 2.35)

2.08.100 Fees—Retention unlawful—Deposit with treasurer required.

No officer or employee shall be permitted to retain, unless otherwise by resolution so provided, as compensation, any fee collected by him, but all such fees shall be deposited with the treasurer to the account of the city. (Prior code § 2.36)

2.08.110 Bonds required.

The following officers shall deliver to the city surety bonds executed by a reliable surety company authorized to do business in the state, in the sums set out, as follows, as recommended by the city attorney, which surety bonds shall include other offices of which the officer may be an ex officio incumbent:

A.    The bond of the city clerk shall be fixed at the sum of five thousand dollars;

B.    The bond of the city treasurer shall be fixed at the sum of fifty thousand dollars;

C.    The bond of the city manager, which shall also apply to his duties as purchasing officer, shall be fixed at the sum of seven thousand five hundred dollars. (Prior code § 2.37)