Chapter 8.28


8.28.010    Findings of fact.

8.28.020    Abatement—Notification.

8.28.030    Abatement—Failure to comply—Costs assessed—Lien on property.

8.28.010 Findings of fact.

The city council finds and determines that an emergency exists as a result of the extremely cold weather which occurred in December, 1972, resulting in the freezing and dying of many trees and shrubs in the Bay Area, including the city. (Ord. 644 § 1, 1973)

8.28.020 Abatement—Notification.

Whenever the public works department of the city finds and determines that any tree or shrub or other vegetation is dead and constitutes a fire hazard or other hazard by reason of possible breaking or falling, then the owner shall be notified by posting a notice on said property for a period of thirty days to abate and remove said dead trees or shrubbery or other similar growth from his property within thirty days. (Ord. 644 § 2, 1973)

8.28.030 Abatement—Failure to comply—Costs assessed—Lien on property.

Should said owner fail to comply with the notice referred to in Section 8.28.020 within said time limit, then thereafter the city, by and through its city forces, or by private contractor, is authorized to cut, remove or otherwise abate said trees, shrubbery or other hazard and make the cost thereof a lien on the land of said property owner by recording the cost thereof with the county recorder. (Ord. 644 § 3, 1973)