Chapter 9.50


9.50.010    Police—Disposition of unclaimed property.

9.50.020    Retention of unclaimed property.

9.50.010 Police—Disposition of unclaimed property.

All unclaimed personal property in the possession of the police department, the disposition of which is not otherwise provided for by this code or other ordinance of the city or general laws of the state, shall be disposed of as follows:

A.    Such unclaimed property shall be held by the police department for a period of at least four months;

B.    At any time after four months, the property shall be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, individually and separately, or in lots, as the chief of police shall determine;

C.    Notice of such sale shall be given by the chief of police at least five days before the time fixed therefor, by publication once in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county;

D.    The proceeds of the sale shall be deposited in the general fund, unless the council shall by resolution provide otherwise. (Ord. 81-011 § 1, 1981)

9.50.020 Retention of unclaimed property.

If the chief of police determines that any unclaimed personal property available for sale under this chapter is needed for a public and city use, subject to the approval of the city manager, such property may be retained by the city and need not be sold. (Ord. 84-005 § 1, 1984)