Chapter 18.24


18.24.010    Application.

18.24.020    Intent.

18.24.030    Permitted uses.

18.24.040    Conditional uses.

18.24.050    General regulations.

18.24.060    Mobile home park standards.

18.24.070    Mobile home site standards.

18.24.080    Construction and operation.

18.24.090    Additional regulations.

18.24.010 Application.

The regulations set forth in this chapter apply in all R3-M zoning districts. (Zoning Ord. § 12-1).

18.24.020 Intent.

This zone is intended to encourage high-quality residential characteristics in mobile home park developments. (Zoning Ord. § 12-2).

18.24.030 Permitted uses.

(a) Mobile home parks and accessory buildings customarily appurtenant to the permitted use.

(b) Home occupation as defined under Chapter 18.06 SCCC.

(c) Supportive housing, subject to the same standards and restrictions as other dwelling units under this chapter.

(d) Transitional housing, subject to the same standards and restrictions as other dwelling units under this chapter. (Zoning Ord. § 12-3; Ord. 1935 § 11, 1-13-15).

18.24.040 Conditional uses.

The following conditional uses may be established only by first securing a use permit in each case as provided in Chapter 18.110 SCCC.

(a) Any commercial activity ancillary to and necessary for the efficient operation of the mobile home park. (Zoning Ord. § 12-4).

18.24.050 General regulations.

The following general regulations are adopted for the development and maintenance of mobile home parks.

(a) Minimum Park Area. Each mobile home park shall contain a minimum of four acres.

(b) Maximum Density. Each mobile home park shall not exceed a density of ten mobile home sites per gross acre.

(c) Use.

(1) No mobile home in this district shall be used for any purpose other than a dwelling.

(2) Each mobile home shall be located on an approved mobile home site, and all mobile home sites shall be designed to accommodate independent mobile homes. No mobile home site shall be used as the location for more than one mobile home or trailer. (Zoning Ord. § 12-5).

18.24.060 Mobile home park standards.

The following regulations are adopted as minimum mobile home park standards.

(a) Front and/or Street Side Yard Setback. Each mobile home park shall have front yard and street side yard setbacks of not less than twenty-five (25) feet from the street right-of-way lines.

(b) Minimum Interior Side Yard Setbacks. Each interior side yard shall be not less than fifteen (15) feet.

(c) Minimum Rear Yard Setback. Each rear yard shall be not less than fifteen (15) feet.

(d) Landscaping. All required minimum setback areas and all areas not improved by roadways, walkways, pathways, or occupied by other park facilities shall be permanently landscaped and maintained with ground cover, trees, and shrubs. Each planter area shall be surrounded with a six-inch raised concrete curbing or planning division-approved equivalent. An irrigation system shall be installed and maintained functional in each separate planter area. Native and ornamental trees with a height of twenty (20) feet or greater shall be retained unless their removal is specifically allowed by the Planning Commission. In no case shall there be less than a six-foot-wide landscaped planter around the entire perimeter of the site.

(e) Permanent Structures Prohibited. Permanent buildings or structures on individual mobile home sites, including room additions, cabanas, ramadas, carports, or patio structures shall be prohibited. Planning division-approved portable demountable structures which may be easily disassembled and moved may be permitted.

(f) Fencing. Substantial solid fencing not less than six feet in height shall be constructed and maintained on the exterior boundaries of a mobile home park. Screening fences not less than six feet in height shall be installed and maintained around interior laundry yards, refuse collection points, and playground areas.

(g) Roadways. Mobile home park roadways and driveways shall be paved and maintained in good repair. All such roadway and driveways shall be surfaced and granted in such a manner that the drainage for the mobile home park shall drain to a centrally located drain or system of drains which shall be connected to the nearest storm sewer or other such system as may be approved by the City Engineer.

(h) Walkways. Paved walkways at least three feet wide shall be constructed and maintained throughout the mobile home park to provide access to the general park facilities including all buildings and sanitation facilities. Such walkways shall be separate from roadways or driveways for auto traffic.

(i) Parking. Provision shall be made for a minimum of one individually accessible and one tandem parking space per mobile home site. In addition to the above described parking spaces, to provide for excess parking of campers, boats, pickup trucks, hauling trailers, and the like, there shall be provided “reservoir parking” in the ratio of one such parking space for every four mobile home sites. Each reservoir parking space shall be at least ten feet by thirty (30) feet in size.

(j) Lighting. Mobile home park lighting shall consist of street electrolier type rather than flood lighting.

(k) Recreation Area. Recreation area shall be provided and maintained based on the following formula: 100 square feet for each mobile home unit.

(l) Tenant Storage. There shall be provided a minimum storage facility of ninety (90) cubic feet on each mobile home site.

Storage facilities shall be designed in a manner that will enhance the appearance of the mobile home park and shall be constructed of suitable weather resistant materials.

(m) Underground Utilities. All service utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and the like within the property lines of the premises of a mobile home park shall be installed underground.

(n) Fire Protection. Every mobile home park shall be equipped at all times with fire extinguishing equipment in good working order of such type, size, and number and so located within the park as to satisfy applicable regulations of the Fire Department. (Zoning Ord. § 12-6).

18.24.070 Mobile home site standards.

The following site standards are hereby adopted for mobile home spaces within each mobile home park.

(a) Mobile Home Site Size. The average size of mobile home sites in each mobile home park shall be two thousand (2,000) square feet in area or greater; no mobile home site shall be less than one thousand five hundred (1,500) square feet. Each site area shall be exclusive of any area used in common by park residents such as walkways, roadways, recreation areas, and park setback areas.

(b) Minimum Front, Side, and Rear Yard Setbacks. Each such yard to be at least five feet.

(c) Landscaping. All minimum setback areas shall be permanently landscaped and maintained with ground cover, trees, and shrubs.

(d) Site Boundaries Marked. Boundaries of each mobile home site shall be permanently and visibly delineated.

(e) Mobile Home Site Paving. The following on-site areas shall be provided and maintained with suitable paving:

(1) All area occupied or covered by a mobile home and attached portable structures.

(2) All driveways and parking areas.

(3) Walkways to park roadways.

(4) Storage areas.

(5) Utility areas. (Zoning Ord. § 12-7).

18.24.080 Construction and operation.

All construction and operation procedures within the property lines of the premises of a mobile home park shall be in accordance with the provisions of the most recent edition of:

(a) California Health and Safety Code, Division 13 (entitled “Housing”), Part 2 (entitled “Mobile Homes – Manufactured Housing), Section 18000 et seq.

(b) California Code of Regulations, Title 25, Division 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter 2 (entitled “Mobile Homes, Recreational Vehicles and Commercial Coaches), Section 4000 et seq. (Zoning Ord. § 12-8).

18.24.090 Additional regulations.

Refer to Chapter 18.60 SCCC for additional mobile home regulations. (Zoning Ord. § 12-9).