Chapter 18.64


18.64.010    Height limits.

18.64.020    Fences in residential zoning districts.

18.64.030    Fences in other zoning districts.

18.64.040    Eight-foot fences.

18.64.010 Height limits.

The regulations of this title pertaining to height requirements shall be subject to the following additional requirements, conditions, and exceptions.

(a) Subject to any other provision of law, the height limitations contained in the schedule of district regulations do not apply to spires, belfries, cupolas, antennas, water tanks, ventilators, chimneys, or other mechanical appurtenances usually required to be placed above the roof level and not intended for human occupancy or to be used for any commercial or advertising purposes.

(b) The height limitations of this title shall not apply to flagpoles, sculpture, antennas and radio towers; provided, that the same may be safely erected and maintained at such a height with respect to the surrounding conditions and circumstances. (Zoning Ord. § 32-1).

18.64.020 Fences in residential zoning districts.

In any residential zoning district or in any PD district the following regulations pertaining to fence, hedges, and screen planting shall apply.

(a) Fences, hedges, and screen plantings shall not exceed three feet in height in required front yards or the street side or corner lot side yards adjacent to key lots.

(b) A six-foot fence may be erected on the street side of a corner lot thirty-five (35) feet from the street corner where two corner lots have a common rear property line.

(c) Fences or hedges not exceeding six feet in height may occupy any other portion of a lot.

(d) The vertical dimension of the fence shall be measured from the average elevation of the finished lot grade on both sides of any such fence. (Zoning Ord. § 32-2).

18.64.030 Fences in other zoning districts.

(a) In all zoning districts other than residential and PD zoning districts, fences exceeding six feet in height shall be regarded as structures; any fence exceeding six feet in height shall not be erected without first obtaining a building permit.

(b) Where other zoning districts are adjacent to such residential or PD districts, fences shall not exceed six feet in height on common lot lines; provided, however, that fences on common lot lines shall not exceed three feet in height beyond the front or side setback of such adjacent residential or PD district lot. (Zoning Ord. § 32-3).

18.64.040 Eight-foot fences.

(a) Required fencing surrounding the immediate swimming pool areas may be erected and maintained up to, but not more than, eight feet in height.

(b) Rear yard fencing abutting on any major thoroughfare of four or more motor vehicular traffic lanes may be erected and maintained up to, but not more than, eight feet in height. Such fencing shall be subject to review by the Director of Community Development in accordance with the procedures set forth in Chapter 18.76 SCCC and shall be subject to the prior approval as therein prescribed. (Zoning Ord. § 32-4; Ord. 2011 § 13, 2-11-20).