Chapter 18.86


18.86.010    Off-site parking provisions.

18.86.020    Intent.

18.86.030    Administrative off-site parking permit required.

18.86.040    Procedure for granting off-site parking permits by the Zoning Administrator.

18.86.050    Appeals.

18.86.060    Off-site parking permit requirements.

18.86.070    Revocation.

18.86.010 Off-site parking provisions.

Parking requirements for uses in all nonresidential and mixed use zoning districts may be satisfied on other parcels or sites through approval of an off-site parking permit in compliance with the provisions in this title. The off-site parking permit shall be obtained by the owner of the property providing the off-site parking, subject to satisfying the specific parking demands on his/her own site. It is a violation of this Code to operate a parking lot for off-site uses without first obtaining an off-site parking permit and violators will be subject to code enforcement. (Ord. 1862 § 1, 8-17-10).

18.86.020 Intent.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a process for conditionally allowing off-site parking as a means to satisfy on-site parking requirements for any use in nonresidential and mixed use zoning districts. Off-site parking facilitates parking consolidation, and thereby may decrease the amount of impervious surfaces, increase space available for landscaping, and optimize land use efficiency. By allowing the flexibility to provide required parking off site, this title enables more efficient use of existing parking spaces, in concert with enabling nonresidential and mixed use land uses to meet required peak parking demands. (Ord. 1862 § 1, 8-17-10).

18.86.030 Administrative off-site parking permit required.

All property owners, except the City, Redevelopment Agency, Housing Authority and Stadium Authority, who seek to provide parking on their parcel or site for a project or use elsewhere, shall first obtain an administrative off-site parking permit. Applications for off-site parking permits shall include the following:

(a) Aerial photo(s) illustrating the boundaries of the parcel or site generating the parking demand and the parcel or site providing the off-site parking. Aerial photo(s) shall clearly indicate the distance between the project site and the off-site parking locations. A pedestrian path of travel between the parcels or sites shall also be illustrated on the aerial photo(s).

(b) A site plan for the site or parcel where the off-site parking will be provided. The site plan shall clearly illustrate all parking spaces, the dimensions of parking spaces, a parking space count, any parking spaces reserved for on-site use(s), driveways, curb cuts, drive aisles, landscaping, signage and light standards.

(c) A written description of the off-site parking, which shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) Days/hours of availability for off-site parking;

(2) The term of the off-site parking availability (e.g., annual, until sale of property, etc.);

(3) Responsible party for off-site parking management;

(4) A written statement acknowledging that designated off-site parking spaces are exclusively for the benefit of off-site uses, and are not available for concurrent use to meet on-site parking demand;

(5) Description/count of stalls available under the off-site parking permit; and

(6) Existing uses on the parcels or sites providing the off-site parking, and the associated parking requirement.

(d) Application submittal fees as indicated in the City’s adopted planning application fee schedule for Zoning Administrator actions. (Ord. 1862 § 1, 8-17-10; Ord. 1885 § 1, 4-19-11).

18.86.040 Procedure for granting off-site parking permits by the Zoning Administrator.

The procedure for granting off-site parking permits by the Zoning Administrator shall be administrative; provided, that all of the requirements of this title are met, and all of the following findings can be made by the Zoning Administrator:

(a) That the establishment or operation of the off-site parking, under the circumstances of the particular case, is essential or desirable to the public convenience or welfare;

(b) That the off-site parking will not be detrimental to any of the following:

(1) The health, safety, peace, comfort, and general welfare of persons residing or working in the neighborhood of such proposed off-site parking;

(2) Property or improvements in the neighborhood of such proposed off-site parking; or

(3) The general welfare of the City;

(c) That the off-site parking will not impair the integrity and character of the zoning district;

(d) That the off-site parking is in keeping with the purposes and intent of this title; and

(e) That those sites providing parking for events at sports or entertainment venues located north of State Highway 101 are in compliance with the requirements of any City-adopted parking program for this area.

The Zoning Administrator may designate such conditions in connection with the off-site parking permit as deemed necessary to secure the purposes of this title, and may require guarantees and evidence of compliance with conditions. (Ord. 1862 § 1, 8-17-10).

18.86.050 Appeals.

In the event the applicant or others affected by the decision are not satisfied with the decision of the Zoning Administrator, within seven calendar days following such decision a written appeal may be made to the Planning Commission. In the event that there is any dissatisfaction with the action of the Planning Commission, the applicant, others affected, or the City Council may appeal the action to the City Council, in accordance with the appeal provisions for use permits set forth in SCCC 18.110.070. (Ord. 1862 § 1, 8-17-10).

18.86.060 Off-site parking permit requirements.

Off-site parking permits shall be managed by the owner of the property providing the off-site parking. The property owner responsible for the off-site parking permit shall ensure compliance with the following requirements:

(a) Conditions of Approval.

(b) Adopted Parking Program. Off-site parking permits for sites providing parking for events at sports and entertainment venues located north of State Highway 101 shall comply with all requirements of any City Council-adopted parking program for this area, including payment of any fees necessary to mitigate the costs affiliated with the parking program.

(c) Waste and Recycling Receptacles. Waste and recycling receptacles shall be provided for use by individuals utilizing the off-site parking lot. Any waste or recyclables blown or thrown into the public right-of-way or onto adjacent properties by individuals utilizing the off-site parking lot shall be picked up in a timely manner.

(d) Lighting. Adequate lighting facilities shall be provided and maintained on the off-site parking lot, consistent with the site plan approved with the off-site parking permit application. Any such lighting shall be directed and maintained so as not to interfere with persons using any public street or improvement, or unnecessarily with the use and enjoyment of any adjacent property.

(e) Signage. The off-site parking lot shall not be used for advertising, unless otherwise permitted in an adopted parking program. A sign or signs may be installed to indicate the name of the business, activity or event that the parking lot serves. Necessary traffic-control and disclaimer signs are also permitted and not included in the maximum permissible sign area. All signs shall be shown on the site plan. The area of all signs shall be calculated in accordance with this title. The maximum permissible signage shall be one sign per each entrance to the parking lot, with the maximum size of each sign not exceeding twelve (12) square feet, excluding the temporary and permanent signage otherwise allowed for the primary use on the property and any temporary signage permitted as a component of an adopted parking program.

(f) Security. For special event parking, security may be required for the duration of the event.

(g) Parking Lot Surfacing. The area reserved for parking and all vehicular and pedestrian access ways shall be appropriately surfaced to the satisfaction of the Zoning Administrator.

(h) Landscaping. Existing site landscaping and landscape features, such as water features and sculptures, shall be maintained consistent with the requirements of this title.

(i) Existing Nonconforming Conditions. For purposes of this chapter, physical conditions on the site that are legally nonconforming with respect to current standards of the applicable zoning district shall not be required to be rectified as a condition of permit approval. (Ord. 1862 § 1, 8-17-10).

18.86.070 Revocation.

Any off-site parking permit granted in accordance with the terms of this title may be revoked if the basis for approval is found to be invalid or if any of the conditions of approval of such permit are violated, or if any law or ordinance is violated in connection therewith, or if the Zoning Administrator, in concurrence with the Planning Commission and the City Council, finds that the continuance of the off-site parking permit will endanger the public health, safety or welfare.

At the initiation of the Zoning Administrator, the Planning Commission shall hold a hearing on any proposed revocation after giving written notice to the permittee at least ten days prior to the hearing. Following the hearing, the Planning Commission shall submit its recommendations to the City Council. The City Council shall act on the revocation within forty-five (45) days after receipt of the recommendations of the Planning Commission. (Ord. 1862 § 1, 8-17-10).