Chapter 8.08


8.08.010    Application of Definitions.

8.08.020    Animal.

8.08.021    Small Animal.

8.08.022    Large Animal.

8.08.030    Animal Exhibition.

8.08.031    Animal Facility.

8.08.032    Animal Facility Grade Card.

8.08.033    Animal Facility Inspection Report.

8.08.040    Animal Menagerie.

8.08.050    Animal Shelter.

8.08.060    Approved Canine Rabies Vaccine.

8.08.065    Boarding Facility.

8.08.070    Breeding Facility.

8.08.075    Business Days.

8.08.080    Cat.

8.08.090    Repealed.

8.08.095    City.

8.08.097    Competition Dog.

8.08.100    Department.

8.08.110    Director.

8.08.120    Dog.

8.08.130    Repealed.

8.08.140    Grooming Parlor/Mobile.

8.08.145    Stables.

8.08.150    Guard Dog.

8.08.155    Hobby Breeder.

8.08.160    Impounded.

8.08.170    Livestock.

8.08.175    Nonprofit Humane Organization Animal Facility.

8.08.180    Office Hours.

8.08.190    Person.

8.08.200    Pet Shop.

8.08.210    Section.

8.08.220    Shall and May.

8.08.225    Unaltered.

8.08.230    Unlicensed Dog or Cat.

8.08.240    Wholesale Wild Animal Dealer.

8.08.250    Wild Animal.

8.08.010 Application of Definitions.

Whenever in this title the following terms are used, they shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this chapter unless it is apparent from the context thereof that some other meaning is intended. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.020 Animal.

“Animal” means any animals, poultry, bird, reptile, fish or any other dumb creature. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.021 Small Animal.

“Small animal” means any animal that weighs less than two hundred fifty (250) pounds. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91; Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)

8.08.022 Large Animal.

“Large animal” means any animal that weighs two hundred fifty (250) pounds or more. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91; Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)

8.08.030 Animal Exhibition.

“Animal exhibition” means any display containing one or more wild animals which are exposed to public view for entertainment, instruction, or advertisement. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.031 Animal Facility.

“Animal facility” means a lot, building, structure, enclosure or premises for any animal-related business or organization, including, but not limited to, a nonprofit humane organization animal facility (as defined in Section 8.08.175), a grooming shop, a pet shop, a boarding facility, and a breeding facility, which is required to be licensed under Section 8.28.060. (Ord. 04-13 § 2, 10/12/04; Ord. 11-13 § 1, 6/28/11)

8.08.032 Animal Facility Grade Card.

“Animal facility grade card” means a card issued by the Department, showing the letter grade earned by an animal facility, as reflected in the most recent animal facility inspection report. The animal facility grade card must be displayed in accordance with the provisions of Section 8.28.280. (Ord. 04-13 § 3, 10/12/04)

8.08.033 Animal Facility Inspection Report.

“Animal facility inspection report” is the report of the Department reflecting the conditions existing at the facility at the time of the inspection. The letter grade received by the facility is based on the final score set forth in the animal facility inspection report. (Ord. 04-13 § 4, 10/12/04)

8.08.040 Animal Menagerie.

“Animal menagerie” means a place where wild animals are kept or maintained for any commercial purpose, including places where wild animals are boarded, trained, or kept for hire. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.050 Animal Shelter.

“Animal shelter” means a place where animals impounded by the Department are placed for their humane care and keeping. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91; Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)

8.08.060 Approved Rabies Vaccine.

“Approved rabies vaccine” means a rabies vaccine which is approved for use by the State of California Department of Public Health. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91; Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)

8.08.065 Boarding Facility.

“Boarding facility” means an animal facility used for the care and temporary boarding (including day care) of dogs and cats and other animals normally kept as pets, in return for consideration, not including an animal hospital which only boards animals receiving medical treatment. (Ord. 11-13 § 2, 6/28/11)

8.08.070 Breeding Facility.

“Breeding facility” means an animal facility engaged in the business of breeding dogs and cats or other animals normally kept as pets for sale or exchange in return for consideration. (Ord. 11-13 § 3, 6/28/11)

8.08.075 Business Days.

“Business days” are all days other than Sunday and legal holidays. (Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)

8.08.080 Cat.

“Cat” means any cat of any age, including female as well as male. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.090 Cat Kennel.

Repealed by Ord. 11-13. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.095 City.

“City” shall mean the City of Santa Clarita. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.097 Competition Dog.

“Competition dog” includes a dog which is used to show, to compete or to breed, which is of a breed recognized by and registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC), American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA), or other valid registry approved by the department and meets one of the following requirements:

A.    The dog has competed in at least one dog show or sporting competition sanctioned by a national registry or approved by the department, within the last three hundred and sixty-five (365) days;

B.    The dog has earned a conformation, obedience, agility, carting, herding, protection, rally, sporting, working or other title from a purebred dog registry referenced above or other registry or dog sport association approved by the department; or

C.    The owner or custodian of the dog is a member of a purebred dog breed club, approved by the department, which maintains and enforces a code of ethics for dog breeding that includes restrictions from breeding dogs with genetic defects and life threatening health problems that commonly threaten the breed. (Ord. 06-11, 12/12/06)

8.08.100 Department.

“Department” means the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, which is hereby designated as the Santa Clarita Department of Animal Care and Control. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.110 Director.

“Director” means the Director of the Department of Animal Care and Control. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.120 Dog.

“Dog” means any dog of any age, including female as well as male. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.130 Dog Kennel.

Repealed by Ord. 11-13. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.140 Grooming Parlor/Mobile.

“Grooming parlor/mobile” means any place of business, whether or not such business is regularly conducted by the operator within a building or other structure, permanent or otherwise, or within a van, truck, or other movable vehicle, where for consideration animals are groomed, clipped, bathed, or otherwise conditioned as pets and/or for show. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.145 Stables.

“Stables” means any property, premises, building or structure maintained for the lodging, feeding or rental of horses and cattle. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91; Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)

8.08.150 Guard Dog.

“Guard dog” means a dog rented by the owner to another person for guard duty. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.155 Hobby Breeder.

“Hobby breeder” is any person, except for a person possessing a valid animal facility license, who owns and breeds a dog or cat and sells the offspring for pay or for other compensation. A hobby breeder is required to obtain a license pursuant to Section 8.20.045. (Ord. 04-13 § 5, 10/12/04; Ord. 06-11, 12/12/06; Ord. 11-13 § 6, 6/28/11)

8.08.160 Impounded.

If any animal has been received into the custody of the Director pursuant to the provisions of this Division 1 or any state statute, such animal will have been “impounded” as that word is used in this Division 1. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.170 Livestock.

“Livestock” means and includes, but is not limited to, the following: any pig, pygmy pig, hog, cow, bull, steer, horse, mule, jack, jenny, hinny, sheep, goat, llama, domestic fowl or rabbit. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91; Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)

8.08.175 Nonprofit Humane Organization Animal Facility.

“Nonprofit humane organization animal facility” means an animal facility operated by a bona fide charity in good standing under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code where animals are kept for adoption or sanctuary. (Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01; Ord. 11-13 § 7, 6/28/11)

8.08.180 Office Hours.

(Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.190 Person.

“Person” means and includes a firm, partnership, corporation, trust, and any association of persons. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.200 Pet Shop.

“Pet shop” means any place of business where dogs under four (4) months of age, or cats, monkeys, birds, reptiles, fish, or any other animals to be used as pets, are kept for sale. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.210 Section.

“Section” means a section of Title 8 of the Santa Clarita Code, as set forth in this Division 1, unless some other ordinance or statute is mentioned. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.220 Shall and May.

“Shall” is mandatory and “may” is permissive. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.225 Unaltered.

“Unaltered” means an animal which has not been spayed or neutered. (Ord. 06-11, 12/12/06)

8.08.230 Unlicensed Dog or Cat.

“Unlicensed dog or cat” means any dog or cat for which the license for the current year has not been paid, or to which the tag for the current year, provided for in this Division 1, is not attached. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91; Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)

8.08.240 Wholesale Wild Animal Dealer.

“Wholesale wild animal dealer” means a person engaged in the business of selling wild animals for the purpose of resale, or who sells wild animals to persons for use other than as pets. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.08.250 Wild Animal.

“Wild animal” means any nondomestic, exotic or dangerous animal, including, but not limited to, the following: wild animal/dog hybrids and other mammals, wildfowl, fish or reptiles. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91; Ord. 01-12, 7/10/01)