Chapter 8.39


8.39.010    Rodeos—Purpose of Section—Permit Required.

8.39.010 Rodeos—Purpose of Section—Permit Required.

A.    The purpose of this section is to provide the department with a method to supervise and enforce minimum safety standards in the care and conduct of animals used in rodeos. The department shall establish standard rules and safety regulations for the general conduct of rodeos in order to accomplish such purpose.

B.    Any applicant for a rodeo permit shall furnish the department with the following:

1.    A list of all proposed events and acts including the dates, times and locations of all events and acts;

2.    A detailed diagram of the arena indicating the location of chutes, catch chutes and pens for all events and acts; and

3.    A copy of the applicant’s rules and regulations which will govern the conduct of the contestants and events, except that such rules shall be consistent with the standard rules and regulations for rodeos established by the department. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)