Chapter 8.60


8.60.010    Holding Period Before Tuberculin Injection—Exception.

8.60.020    Tuberculin Injection—Conditions.

8.60.030    Tuberculin Tests—Records Required.

8.60.040    Interference with Tuberculin Tests Prohibited.

8.60.050    Testing Cattle for Tuberculosis Authorized When.

8.60.060    Dairy and Breeding Cattle—Test Required Before Sale—Exceptions.

8.60.070    Costs of Tuberculin Testing.

8.60.080    Branding of Tubercular Cattle Required.

8.60.010 Holding Period Before Tuberculin Injection—Exception.

No person shall inject or cause to be injected tuberculin into any cattle brought into the county of Los Angeles for a period of 120 days after their arrival, except by permission of the Director of Health Services. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.60.020 Tuberculin Injection—Conditions.

No person shall inject, or cause to be injected, tuberculin into any cattle, except when used in connection with a tuberculin test as defined in subsection M of Section 8.48.030. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.60.030 Tuberculin Tests—Records Required.

The following records of all cattle tuberculin tested in the City of Santa Clarita must be filed with the Director of Health Services within five days after completion of the test: owner, address or location of herd, number of cattle in the herd, number of cattle tested, number of cattle reacting, such description as would identify each animal tested, identification number of each animal tested. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.60.040 Interference with Tuberculin Tests Prohibited.

No person shall move from any premises any cattle upon which a tuberculin test has been started until the same shall have been completed without the permission of the veterinarian conducting such test, nor in any way interfere with the proper conduction of such test after it shall have been started. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.60.050 Testing Cattle for Tuberculosis Authorized When.

Whenever the Director of Health Services has cause to believe that there is danger that any cattle brought into the City of Santa Clarita are afflicted with tuberculosis, he shall cause such cattle to be examined and tested for tuberculosis. Such test or tests may be made at any time within 120 days after the arrival of such cattle into the City of Santa Clarita. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.60.060 Dairy and Breeding Cattle—Test Required Before Sale—Exceptions.

It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale any cattle for dairy or breeding purposes in the City of Santa Clarita, unless such cattle have been examined and tested for tuberculosis within 30 days preceding such sale by a federal or state veterinarian, or the Director of Health Services, or by a veterinarian duly authorized by such officials to apply such test; provided, that this section shall not apply to cattle which have been regularly tested by representatives of the federal or State Department of Agriculture under the laws, rules and regulations applicable to dairies operating under the Federal Accredited Herd Plan, or the Food and Agricultural Code of the state of California; and further provided that the 30-day period may be waived by the Director of Health Services at his discretion. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.60.070 Costs of Tuberculin Testing.

Whenever an owner requests of the Director of Health Services that his cattle be tested for tuberculosis, the expense of such test shall be borne by the owner, unless said request is made under the provisions of the Food and Agricultural Code of the state of California, and said owner agrees, in writing, to conform in all respects to said state law and the rules and regulations of the Director of Health Services applying to tuberculin tests and disposal of reacting animals; provided, that whenever five or less cattle are sold for dairy and breeding purposes and test for tuberculosis is required under the provisions of this chapter, the Director of Health Services shall, at the request of the owner thereof, conduct one such test without charge within a period of six months. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.60.080 Branding of Tubercular Cattle Required.

A.    All cattle which are shown by examination of tuberculin test to be afflicted with tuberculosis shall be immediately marked for identification by branding the letter “T” on the left jaw.

B.    The letter “T” used for the branding of reacting animals shall be three inches in height from top to bottom and three inches wide at the ton, and the branding edge shall not be less than one-quarter of an inch in width.

C.    No animals so branded shall be slaughtered or disposed of in any manner whatsoever, or removed from the premises where located when branded, unless permission is first obtained from the Director of Health Services or from the Director of the State Department of Agriculture. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)