Chapter 8.76


8.76.010    Person Defined.

8.76.020    Signs Identifying Premises and Owner Required.

8.76.030    Signs on Hives—Location and Description.

8.76.040    Signs on Hives—Lettering.

8.76.050    Violation Deemed Misdemeanor.

8.76.010 Person Defined.

As used in this chapter, “person” includes every person, firm and corporation. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.76.020 Signs Identifying Premises and Owner Required.

Every person maintaining an apiary on premises other than that of his residence shall identify such apiary by affixing a sign thereto showing the name of the owner or person in possession of the apiary, his address, his telephone number, if any, and if there is no telephone, a statement of that fact. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.76.030 Signs on Hives—Location and Description.

Persons designated in Section 8.76.020 shall affix the required sign on the longer side of the hive or longer side of the super, prominently located on the entrance side of the apiary, and shall at all times maintain such sign thereon. Such signs shall be in black letters at least one inch in height on white or other contrasting color. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.76.040 Signs on Hives—Lettering.

The lettering of signs required by Section 8.76.020 shall be printed or stenciled, or equivalent there to, in black paint or black ink. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)

8.76.050 Violation Deemed Misdemeanor.

Every person violating any provision of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 91-29, 8/13/91)