Chapter 12.52


12.52.020    Crosswalks—At Intersections.

12.52.030    Pedestrians and Bicyclists—Roadway Crossing Restrictions.

12.52.040    Bicycle Lanes—Placement—Use by Motor Vehicles Prohibited.

12.52.050    Bicycle Lanes—Pedestrian Use Restrictions.

12.52.060    Bicycle Lanes—Placement of Signs Prohibiting Pedestrians.

12.52.020 Crosswalks—At Intersections.

The Director may mark a portion of a roadway at intersections or in conjunction with channelizing islands, adjacent to intersections, if he finds that such markings will improve traffic conditions. (Ord. 89-12, 6/27/89)

12.52.030 Pedestrians and Bicyclists—Roadway Crossing Restrictions.

The Director shall place signs where the Council has determined that conditions of vehicular and pedestrian or bicycle traffic are such that traffic complications would exist if pedestrians or bicyclists were permitted to cross the roadway at these locations. Pedestrians and bicyclists shall not cross at a location so indicated. (Ord. 89-12, 6/27/89)

12.52.040 Bicycle Lanes—Placement—Use by Motor Vehicles Prohibited.

A.    If the Director finds that the width of a highway, and the amount of traffic thereon, is such that a separate lane could be provided to accommodate bicycle traffic, the Director may place appropriate markings and may erect and maintain appropriate signs indicating the bicycle lane.

B.    A person shall not operate a motor vehicle in the bicycle lane except to cross at a permanent or temporary driveway, or for the purpose of parking a vehicle where parking is permitted or where the vehicle is disabled. (Ord. 89-12, 6/27/89)

12.52.050 Bicycle Lanes—Pedestrian Use Restrictions.

Where signs or markings do not prohibit pedestrians upon a bicycle lane, no pedestrian shall walk upon a bicycle lane, except to cross, otherwise than close to the edge of the bicycle lane farthest from vehicular traffic. (Ord. 89-12, 6/27/89)

12.52.060 Bicycle Lanes—Placement of Signs Prohibiting Pedestrians.

Where sidewalk or other suitable area is available for pedestrian use, the Director may place and maintain appropriate signs or pavement markings prohibiting pedestrians from walking upon bicycle lanes except to cross. A pedestrian shall not walk upon a bicycle lane, except to cross, where such lane has been posted with appropriate signs or markings. (Ord. 89-12, 6/27/89)